The Bates Trophy

Winter Singles Knock Out Competition

Bill Bates was a member of the Senior section. He had been an organizer of youth boxing. When the local groups closed he donated The Bates boxing trophy to the senior section. A golfer replaced the figure of a boxer but the trophy lay unused until 1990. The Trophy was replaced in 2008 with a new one donated by Bill Faulkes. Bill Bates kept a fish and chip shop and that and his wife was involved with the golf club catering.

This is the winter singles match play knock out competition. Matches played off ¾ of handicap difference from the WHITE tees. Top named player offers three dates to his opponent, excluding Saturday and Sunday. If they are unable to agree then the top named player goes though to the next round. The first round is played in November with the final by end of March. The competition was split into 2 Divisions in 2017. The trophy donated by Bill Faulkes is used for Div 2 and a new trophy is used for Div 1.

The Old Bates Trophy used until 2008

The New Bates Trophy was donated by Bill Foulkes in 2008

Bill Faulkes

1990T. R. Prentice2005R. Tugwell
1991V. Light2006G. Staley
1992V. Light2007G. Staley
1993R. Lee2008A. L. Thorpe
1994G. B. Piper2009R. Crump
1995A. J. Browning2010Dave White
1996D. Constable2011Mike Bell
1997T. Dominy2012Brian Tipler
1998J. Uwins2013Mike Pack
1999J. K. Foot2014Nic Holladay
2000R. Curtis2015Chris Richards
2001D. Frost2016Terry Houghton
2002D. Massey20172 Division Split
2003D. Coleman
2004R. Tugwell