The Senior Men’s Turkey Trot

Stableford Turkey Trot Competition

The Individual Stableford Competition is sponsored by Messrs. Grovers the Butcher of Bishops Waltham who provides a voucher for the competition first six winners to redeem at his shop.
The voucher is collected by a Section Member prior to the date of the competition.

Turkey Trot

Andrew Grover

2009Pip Piper 2025
2010Roy Chequer 2026
2011Ray Crump
2012Glynn Jones
2013Barry Painter
2014Keith Waldron
2015Mick Kearn
2016Alexander Baille-Strong
2017Mike Pack
2018Tony Aldrich
2019Vic Ettie
2020Tim Law
2021Les Duerdin
2022Ray Hartley
2023Mike Coffin