The Prentice Salver Trophy

Senior Men’s Championship

The Prentice Salver competition is played on the first Wednesday in June. It is a Medal play competition from the white tees. The player with the best gross score wins the Prentice Salver and is declared “the senior section champion”. Winner’s name is inscribed on a club honours board. Up to 2003 the player with the next best gross score won the Jubilee Jug.

In 2004 the Jug was awarded to the player, aged 75 years or over, with the best gross score A handicap prize is awarded for the same card. The player with the lowest net score wins the Noel Highton Challenge Trophy. Up to 2005 a player was eligible to win or be runner up for both trophies. From 2006 a player can only win one trophy.

Tom Prentice donated the Salver. He was for many years a trustee of the club and a stalwart of the senior section.

Prentice Salver

Tom Prentice

1992E. M. A. Leggett2016Nic Holladay
1993R. J. Day2017Vic Ettie
1994T. R. Prentice2018Tony Aldrich
1995D. Meadus2019Tony Aldrich
1996D. Williams2020Tony Aldrich
1997R. J. Curtis2021Roger Holmes
1998L. D. Skilton2022Roger Holmes
1999L. Harris2023Tony Aldrich
2000R. Curtis2024
2001G. Staley2025
2002G. Staley2026
2003C. Garrod
2004G. Staley
2005J. Yeates
2006J. Yeates
2007A. Deuchar
2008G. Staley
2009M. Bell
2010A. Deuchar
2011Allan Deuchar
2012Allan Deuchar
2013John Beardall
2014Allan Deuchar
2015Roger Wildig