The RNLI Trophy (Renamed Heart Start 2023)

The Seniors Team Competition

In 2001 it was played on one day, highest team score winning. Members put their names on the board and the competitions secretary selected teams of six players such each team had an aggregate handicap of 110. Teams were given names of shipping areas, Dogger, Rockall, Dover, Portland etc.

In 2002 it was played as a knock out on reserved dates and times. 8 teams with 6 players per team. The competition secretary organised the draw.

From 2003 it was played as a one day event, with up to 9 teams, Captains select their own teams with no restriction on handicaps.

Original RNLI Trophies (used until 2015)

The RNLI Trophy

1999L. Harris, B. Goodchild, G. Gregory, G. Gould, N. Short & N. Taylor2014Our Soles
K. Norman, C. Beames, D. Folland, H. Lancaster, R. Pearson & A. Perkins
2000D. Carmichael, T. Dominy, A. Holland, A. Browning, D. Gibson & R. Curtis2015The Oldies
N. Short, P. Langrish, & R. Reeder, M. White, D. Western & S. Baggot
2001D. Meadus, D. Frost, D. Chiverton, A. Holland, D. Upshall & B. Kennington2016Our Soles
K. Norman, C. Beames,H. Lancaster, R. Carnell, V. Ettie & J. Ellis
2002D. Massey, J. Young, D. Coleman, A. Smith, A. Hansley & P. Ridyard2017Norman Conquest
N. Short, D. Mitchell, D. Carter, M. Carter, B. Tipler & K. Davies
2003D. Frost, B. O'Donoghue, P. Clear, P. Taylor, A. Holland & R. Curtis2018Our Soles
K. Norman, V. Ettie, J. Ellis, R. Carnell, T. Eley & H. Lancaster
2004D. Coleman, A. G. Smith, P. Ridyard, C. Foster, A. Hansley & J. Young2019Early Starters
R. Reeder, M. Kearn, Glyn Walker, J. Brown, C. Garrod & R. Jones
2005Odds & Sods
A. Holland, B Smith, M. Webb, N. Taylor, D. White & W. Foulkes
T. Aldrich, R. Nehrebecki, H. Lancaster, D. Folland, M. White & M. Rogers
J. Knight, A. Collins, R. Jones, R. Turner, N. Duckett & R. Beaumont
2021Bunch of Losers
Stuart Goode, Steve Ward, Colin Mottram, Joe Shears, Howard Sherlock & Barry Smith
2007The Swingers
C. Garrod, C. Mottram, A. Deuchar, D. Evans, M. Bell & M. Freeman
2022Has Beens
Mike Coffin,Geoff Appleby.Kevin Walter,Paul Bowring,Peter Stavert & Ed Shepherd
2008Pip Squeeks
G. Piper, G.Staley, C. Thompson, A. Harnden, P. Langrish & M. O'Connell
2023Has Beens
Mike Coffin,Roger Holmes,Larry Hudson,Joe Shears,Tony Aldrich & Ed Shepherd
2009Chivers Jams
R. Chivers, M. Webb, R. Crump, H. Loftin, J. Yeates & N. Holladay
2010Pip Squeeks
G. Piper, G. Staley, Colin Thompson, Peter Langrish, Roger Morfill & Alan Harden
2011The Stokers
Roger Jones, Ken Gatrell, Ian Borrow, Tony Taber, Norman Burt & Brian Harvey
2012Rex's Rogues
R. Carter, R. Thompsett, B. Smith, B. Denyer, D. Vipond & J. Beardall
2013Pip Squeeks
G. Piper, T. Tollervey, V. Ettie, G. Staley, A. Harnden & C. Thompson