The Lindsay Weavers’ Seniors Past Captains Cup

The Past Captains Competition

The competition, is played in April is a Stableford off full handicap from the yellow tees with tee off times between 09:00 and 10:00. Players aged 70 to 74 receive ONE courtesy shot, 75 to 79 receive TWO courtesy shots and those aged 80 or over receive THREE courtesy shots. The current Senior Men’s Captain and Senior Men’s Vice Captain are invited to play but are not eligible to win the trophy.

Past captains who are no longer members of the club are invited to play and receive the courtesy of the course. A lunch follows the competition and by tradition it is roast beef, Yorkshire pudding followed by apple strudel. Some only attend the lunch.

The trophy was donated by Lindsay Weaver who was Senior Men’s captain in 1994.

Past Captain’s Cup

Lindsay Weaver

1994P. Farmer2016Alan Harnden
1995G. Corbett2017Roger Chivers
1996R. J. Hanson2018Mike Webb
1997R. J. Hanson2019Mike Pack
1998L. Weaver2020Mickey Barber
1999D. F. Carmichael2021George Angas
2000M. J. Freeman2022George Angas
2001D. F. Carmichael2023George Angas
2002R. Goode2024
2003R. Goode2025
2004R. Goode2026
2005W. Faulkes
2006R. Goode
2007D. Williams
2008R. Ellis
2009R. Chivers
2010Mike Freeman
2011Chris Garrod
2012Roger Chivers
2013David Coleman
2014Keith Waldron
2015Alan Harnden