The Norman Taylor Bogey Competition

The Norman Taylor Bogey Competition

A bogey competition is match play against the course. In the seniors’ bogey competitions the players receive their full handicap and shots are taken at holes indicated by the stoke index. Players play each hole against their own net par. If they beat net par they mark their card with their score and a plus (+). If they equal net par they mark the card with their score and a half (0). If net par is not achieved the card is marked with a minus (-) and the ball should be picked up. The result is decided by deducting the number of minus holes from the number of plus holes. The winner is the player who finishes the most holes up against par.

The Spring Bogey is played in April and the Autumn Bogey is played in September. The results of the Spring and Autumn Bogey competitions are added together to decide the winner of the crystal tankard. The competition was changed to a single Bogey round in 2010 the Autumn competition being discontinued due to fixture congestion.

Norman Taylor was a member of the Club for over 60 years and was senior captain in 1996.

Norman Taylor Bogey

Norman Taylor

1997A. Pearce2018Barry Rowe
1998T. Dominy2019Harry Lancaster
1999N. Short2020Chris Collins
2000D. White2021Tony Aldrich
2001W. Goodchild2022Keith Norman
2002G. Staley2023Stan Taylor
2003J. E. Young2024
2004D. White2025
2005R. Goode2026
2006P. Langrish
2007R. Bamber
2008D. Carter
2009K. Walter
2010Dave Searle
2011Geoffrey Appleby
2012David Evans
2013Hugh Loftin
2014Kevin Walter
2015Terry Houghton
2016Mike Pack
2017Richard Nehrebecki