The Hampshire Chronicle 1920

Date Article
April 17 Corhampton – Golf Tournament: At the recent golf tournament the prizes (golf balls, given by the President of the Club, Mr W.V. Campbell-Wyndham-Long) were won by the Rev. E. P. Mack, Lieut. A. G. Mack R.N., and Mr W. E. Budd.
May 29 Droxford – A cricket match was played on Corhampton Down on Saturday afternoon between Wyndham and Droxford. The latter team won by 13 runs, Mr H. Clark accounting for 39 and Mr E. Pitt 13. After the match Col. Lawrence entertained both teams at tea.
July 3 Corhampton – Mr and Mrs W.V. Campbell-Wyndham-Long have left Corhampton House for several weeks for Glengarr, Dunoon, Argyllshire
July 24 Corhampton – Death of Mr. J. Coffin – On Saturday afternoon Mr John Coffin, a very familiar figure on the golf links, was found dead inside the door of an empty cottage, where he sought seclusion, at Betty Munday’s Bottom.  The body was conveyed to Waltham House by the police, and Dr. Penn made a post mortem examination on Sunday.  An inquest was held on Monday afternoon by T. H. Woodham, Esq., sitting without a jury.  Evidence was given by Mr Frederick Forbes, bailiff of the Preshaw Estate, that, when passing the cottage, he found deceased lying on his back inside the door.  He informed the police.  Mr Arthur Lacey of Middle Preshaw, said he last saw deceased on the 13th of July, at 7 p.m. Mr Coffin was employed on the golf links as groundsman and had slept rough.  He was in the habit of having his groceries etc., left at a cottage in Exton, from which he fetched them.  On the previous Tuesday, when he called, he said he was not feeling very well.  On Saturday, Mr Lacey told Mr Forbes he had not seen Mr Coffin since Tuesday, and Mr Forbes said he would go round and see if anything had happened, with the result stated.  David Wyndham Coffin identified the body as that of his brother, John Coffin aged 72 years.  He last saw him a year ago. Dr Penn stated he made a post mortem examination at Waltham House, and found no external injuries.  In his opinion, death was due to syncope and natural causes.  The Coroner returned a verdict accordingly. The funeral took place at Exton on Tuesday.  Deceased leaves one son, and there are also three brothers and sisters.