The Lindley Cup

Drawn Pairs Competition (discontinued)

This is a foursomes Stableford competition with a draw for partners. It is played on a Wednesday in the middle of July. The draw for partners and starting times is made two weeks before the competition. The competition was changed from 2017 to a Texas Scramble 4 man drawn team competition in 2019 and an extended base was added to the Cup to accomodate the extra engraving. .

Frank Lindley was Club captain in 1950, Senior captain in 1972, and Club president from 1970 to 1983. During the 1950s he was the secretary of the Club.

Lindley Cup

Frank Lindley

1970L .F. Wade Brown & N. Lanyon2001J. Foot & J. Young
1971E. P. H. Payton & C. F. Lock2002P. Ridyard & E. Clarke
1972H. W. Clark & R. P. Mack2003H. Greaves & G. Staley
1973W. T. Harris & W. Stevenson2004D. White & C. Garrod
1974F. Lindley & W. Stevenson2005G. Piper & W. Foulkes
1975H. Pike & E. Lindford2006G. Angas & N. Duckett
1976G. Smith & L. White2007J. Yeates & B. Goodchild
1977R. Linnell & E. Linford2008G. Staley & T. Honour
1978F. Lindlay & N. Norris2009J. Yeates & T.Thorpe
1979J. Fletcher & R. Amos2010John Knight & Roger Jones
1980T. Harris & C. Blackman2011Pip Piper & Dave Western
1981D. Mallinson & N. Norris2012Keith Waldron & Allan Deuchar
1982P. Farmer & R. Grier2013Stan Taylor & Dave Williamson
1983K. Adcock & C. Richardson2014Mike Pack & Brian Tipler
1984J. Welton & R. Grier2015Jim Yeates & Ken Gatrall
1985H. Ward & C. White2016Dave Western & Bob Dunkley
1986H. Ward & G. Smith2017 Changed to a Four Man Drawn Team
1987G. Corbett & W. Bates
1988G. Corbett & R. Day
1989P. Farmer & R. Hanson
1990R. Shillitoe & E. Leggett
1991E. Leggett & D. Armitage
1992R. Goode & E. Houghton
1993J. Uwins & A. Holland
1994R. Alexander & F. Ashworth
1995D. Carmichael & L. Waterman
1996F. Estall & C. Blackman
1997L. Skilton & T. R. Prentice
1998T. Dominy & A. Canessa
1999D. Meadus & P. Ivey
2000R. Curtis & N. Taylor