The Centenary Amateur Radio Station

This information has been provided by Arthur Hansley.

In addition to all the activities happening during the week an Amateur Radio Station was run and organised by our member, Arthur Hansley, under his call sign of G0JRN together with members of The Horndean and District Amateur Radio Club.

A special call sign was obtained from the Radio Society of Great Britain namely GB4CGC. The CGC was used as Corhampton Golf Club and occasionally Corhampton Golf Centenary.

The station consisted of a mobile caravan and a 50-foot mast and an inverted dipole ideally suited to the site. This was erected on the spare ground very close to what is now Spooners.

Two high frequency (HF0 radio transceivers were used,one for Single Sideband (SSB) contacts i.e. to contact by voice, and the other for contacts by Continuous Wave (CW). i.e. contact by using morse code.

A lot of interest was shown by members and the station was exceptionally busy all the time. Contacts were made as far away as Vancouver and as close as Bishops Waltham. Confirmation of the contacts known as a QSL (a card or letter confirming reception of a radio station) were posted direct to the golf club and Peter Taylor had never seen so much mail in his time at Corhampton.  The acronym “QSL” is derived from the radiotelegraph abbreviation for “I acknowledge and confirm”.

In all during the week over 1500 contacts were made and the highlight of the week was when the Captain, Bob Harvey, was given the microphone ( Bob has an excellent radio voice) and in less than five minutes Bob had four contacts, the highlight being from Scotland.

The operators highlight was contacting a member of St Andrews Golf Club and as a memento of the occasion he sent us a gift of a Golf ball, ball marker and pitch repairer with the St Andrews crest.

The six operators would like to thank Corhampton Golf Club for allowing them the opportunity to operate from the course and trust that the whole country was aware that it was the Centenary Celebrations of the Club.