Swanmore since 1840

An illustrated history of a Hampshire village by Peter R. Watkins, 2001

Corhampton Golf Club has a single mention on p122 in which the Revd Edgar Mack is stated to have helped in the restarting of the club after the first World War. A reference is made to John Hurst’s work and to Kelly’s Directory of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, 1927, 1935 and 1939.

The Revd Edgar Mack was an Anglican priest who lived in Doniger’s, Swanmore. He gave a bible to his neighbour, George (“Stumps”) Titheridge, the Swanmore diarist who noted in his diary of 12 November 1918, which was the day after the war ended, that the Revd Edgar Mack took the service at 7pm in which all the names of the fallen were read, including that of his own son, Second Lieutenant Edgar Mack .  The Revd Edgar Mack was not the vicar of Swanmore but occasionally helped when the vicar was absent.

In 1920, the Revd Edgar Mack was one of the six managers of the village school.