The Parrett Cup

Summer Singles Knock Out Competition

This is the summer, singles match play knock out competition. Strokes received are ¾ of the difference from lowest handicap. Top named player must offer three dates to his opponent, not Saturday or Sunday. If unable to play before the closing date for the round, then the top named player goes through to the next round. The first round matches are played during May with the final in September.

Sid Parrett was the first captain of the seniors when they were formed in the autumn of 1966. They were called “The Veterans”. He served for two years 1967 and 1968. He came from a prominent Wickham family, kept a dairy farm and ran a milk round that supplied the local area.

The Parrett Cup

Sid Parrett

1967D. R. Mallinson2001G. Staley
1968G. A. Blanchard2002G. Staley
1969N. Lanyon2003C. Garrod
1970F. Lindley2004G. Staley
1971D. R. Mallinson2005G. Staley
1972C. J. Gimblett2006G. Staley
1973F. Lindley2007D. Bevington
1974C. F. Lutman2008M. Bell
1975C. F. Lutman2009J. Beardall
1976C. F. Lutman2010A.Deuchar
1977C. F. Lutman2011Nic Holladay
1978N. Norris2012Allan Deuchar
1979C. F. Lutman2013John Beardall
1980C. F. Lutman2014Terry Houghton
1981J. Welton2015David Bevington
1982G. Smith2016Colin Beames
1983D. R. Mallinson2017Ken Gatrall
1984N. Norris2018Brian Harvey
1985G. Corbett2019John Ellis
1986A. Peagram2020Not Played (Covid-19)
1987P. Farmer2021Not Played (Covid-19)
1988P. Farmer2022Mike Coffin
1989A. Pearce2023Jeff Evans
1990D. Wellman2024
1991R. Alexander2025
1992V. Light2026
1993J. Uwins
1994G. Piper
1995R. Goode
1996J. Uwins
1997T. F. Dominy
1998R. Tugwell
1999J. Foot
2000J. Foot