Division 1 and 2 Summer Eclectic

Summer Eclectic Competition

This is operated in conjunction with the Farmer competitions. The eclectic score is the lowest gross score at each hole for the duration of the Farmer programme. A gross score is not counted if no Stableford points were scored. No handicap allowance is deducted from the total eclectic score.

The competition is in two divisions, up to 18 and 19 or over, as decided by the handicaps on the day of the first Farmer Competition. A Cup is presented to the winner of division 1 and a shield to the winner of division 2.

Division 1 Summer Eclectic

Division 2 Eclectic Shield

1996R. Curtis
1997G. B. Piper & T. Dominy
1998N. Taylor
1999T. Dominy
2000G. Staley2000D. Mitchell
2001G. Staley2001D. Mitchell
2002G. B. Piper2002D. Carmichael
2003G. Staley 2003D. Mitchell
2004G. Staley2004C. Foster
2005C. Garrod2005B. Tipler
2006C. Garrod & J. Yeates2006T. Honour
2007A. Deuchar & G. Staley2007B. Tipler
2008G. Staley2008D. Carter & G. Piper
2009C. Garrod2009T. Honour
2010John Beardall, Chris Garrod
& Geoff Staley
2010Dave Searle
2011C. Garrod2011Kevin Walter
2012Jim Yeates2012Nic Holladay
2013Allan Deuchar & Barry Rowe2013Ken Gatrall & Mick Kearn
2014Mike Pack & Geoff Staley 2014Kevin Walter
2015Bob Reeder, Geoff Staley & Stan Taylor2015Denny Carter
2016Bob Reeder2016David Bevington
2017Tony Aldrich2017Ken Gatrall
2018Tony Aldrich 2018Barry Painter
2019Tony Aldrich2019Ken Gatrall
2020Not Played (Covid-2019)2020Not Played (Covid-19)
2021Tony Aldrich 2021Chris Collins
2022Roger Holmes2022Rod Powell
2023Tony Aldrich2023Keith Norman