Some Historical Records of the Senior Men’s Section

Did you know?

Golf stared to be played at Corhampton around 1885 with initially 5 holes then extended to 7 on freehold land owned by the Wyndham-Long family. The golf course was officially recognised by the Royal and Ancient in 1891, from where we take our anniversary. The greenkeepers were sheep and we shared the course with the Corhampton Valley Cricket club.

The all-important Saturday cricket fixture which meant that golfers had to skirt the boundaries of the ground where the willow was being struck. The cricket pitch was on the second fairway just in front of the green.

The first mention of the club’s institution appeared in the 1906-7 edition: “CORHAMPTON GOLF CLUB. Instituted 1891. Annual subscription ten shillings; number of members 32. Hon. Secretary R.B. Campbell-Wyndham, Corhampton House, Bishops Waltham. The course of nine holes on Corhampton Down is a mile-and-threequarters from Droxford Station (L. and S.W. Ry). Only seven holes are played on Saturdays.”

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