Sid Griffiths Captains Report 1984



Mr President, Lady Captain and members of Corhampton.

Like my predecessors I find that my year of Captaincy is quickly drawing to a close.

The epitomy of any golfer’s life is to be captain of a Golf Club – and especially Corhampton: it is a memory I will treasure for many years to come.

I should like to thank Keith Collins (Past Captain) for inviting me to become Captain. Keith himself continued the high standard expected from a captain – and I have done my best to emulate this. What he failed to tell me was the complete intrusion on your private and business life and how very demanding this privileged position inevitably is ! As the immediate Past Captain, Keith was always there when I needed advice.

Thank you very much, Keith.


My Captaincy was made much easier by our new Secretary, Peter Taylor. Peter and myself have an excellent relationship! (He talks and I listen). Captains change every year, but the main stalwart of any good club like ours is the Secretary. I hope that Peter stays with us for many years, and I would like to thank him for his untiring support during my year of office. Also to Doreen, his part-time Secretary, for the way she assisted me during the year.


Now we come to our two financial ‘whizz-kids’: Past Captain Fred Hartwell and Ken Emmett. Because of their extremely hard work once again the accountancy bill has been kept to a minimum and we have managed to stay in line with their forecast. On a few nights that I know of, the midnight oil was burned at our Secretary’s house and so I hope that you all appreciate the amount of effort involved.

With regard to capital expenditure this year, I shall deal with each item as per each Sub-Committee.


Following the sad loss of Frank Lindley (Past President), our new President, John Wright, is a well-respected Past Captain who has, over the years put a tremendous amount of time, money and effort into our Club and the position which he now holds is richly deserved – and I sincerely hope that he -remains President for many years to come.


Once again Wally Pinhorn and his two ‘middle-aged’ Lieutenants, Gordon Johnson and Dave Searle, have done an excellent job. The new holding bays in the compound were completed some months ago. These were constructed by our Green Staff, Maurrie Salter and Mike Smith, in their own time much more cheaply than if we had employed an outside contractor. The new machinery building was constructed by Wally Pinhorn’s company at a competitive price (approx. £3,500) and is nearly completed.

We also purchased a new set of 5-gang mowers, replacing the old 3-gang at a nett cost of £4,600. The next major capital expenditure on the greens will be a new tractor. Our oldest tractor is now almost a co11ector’s item. (Any offers ?). The hollow tining has improved our greens as you all know, but as this is part of a three-year programme, will members please be patient.

What can we say about our Green Staff that has not already been said? Maurrie and Mike work extremely hard at keeping our course in excellent condition. Did you know that the average Green Staff for an 18-ho1e course is 4.125 persons?  When you consider that nearly £20,000 of our revenue is Green fees, plus a membership of nearly 650 people, these two lads do an exceptional job of work; and so members, please assist them in every way possible, i.e., replace divots, rake bunkers and generally respect the course. Thank you, Wally, and your Sub-Committee.


Just before last Christmas I approached Mr Chappell, who owns the land adjacent to the 17th fairway, with regard to purchasing part or all of it. He didn’t say no, but he didn’t say yes!  Sadly, his wife passed away on Christmas Eve and so, naturally, I did not pursue the matter further. Something for the future, perhaps?


Barry Searle, as Chairman, has done an excellent job to ensure the smooth running of the house and bar. I must thank Tony (Hamburger) McDonald and his wife (Pixie Feet) Margaret for their hard work in running the bar on Tuesdays and holidays when the Steward is away, and also to thank Tony for keeping a strict eye on our bar prices.

John Heathcote (Past Captain) greatly assisted me in the process of interviewing new members, which we think is necessary. John is also responsible for etiquette on our course and keeps an ‘eagle eye’ open for any misbehaviour!  As far as capital expenditure is concerned, the exterior of the Club needs painting (approximate cost, £1,000) and plans have been drawn up to build a new Pro-Shop opposite the 1st tee, next to the car park. When this is eventually built the men’s changing room can then be enlarged and another two showers installed. Hopefully, this will be started in the near future.

Val, Andy and Bruce have once again worked extremely hard, and deserve a very well earned rest in November, and we wish them a very happy holiday in the sun. Reg Daniels, our handyman about the Club, has proved invaluable and nothing is too much trouble for him. The putting green is an example of the sort of job which Reg does to make the Club look more attractive. The flower display is really a joy to look at.


The two Elder Statesmen, ‘Silver Fox’ Gordon Jackson and ‘Siamese Twin’, John Taylor, were literally thrown in at the deep-end, and what a superb job they have done. All the Club matches and competitions have been well supported. Our ‘AM-AM’ held for the first time this year proved to be a huge success thanks to the assistance of Doreen, Connie, Peter and John Taylor, Gordon Jackson, Keith Collins and Fred Hartwell. I would like to thank Gordon and John for the hard work which you both put in to this unenviable task.

Our ‘Pro-AM’ was also a great success thanks to the hard work of our Professional John Harris who organised this event in conjunction with Mr Jack Wells (Secretary_ Hants. P.G.A.).

Congratulations to Terry Nicholas on winning the Club Championship this year. Also, Corhampton did well enough in the Addison Bowl and Richmond Trophy Team competitions to be certain of an invitation next year!  Unfortunately,  the team unsuccessfully defended the Waterlooville Cup. (Better luck next time) .


To Joy Johnston (Lady Captain), thank you for your support during my year, and thanks for allowing the men to play on your Lady Captains Day. We did try – without success – to win the Captain & Lady Captain Competition at Camberley, but it just was NOT our day!


Thanks to the hard work of Terry Mason and Ken Gatrall, the Juniors & Colts have had an excellent year.  Their Captain, Colin Bray, took a team of three to Rowlands Castle and they won the Team Event, and Laurence Christmas came second in the Individual Trophy. Congratulations for all your successful efforts during 1983/84.

At the start of my year_ we completely re-vamped their changing room, and so, lads, keep it tidy please!


This year, for the first time, we arranged a match against them. Would John Taylor please keep a careful watch on their handicaps! Captained by Phil Farmer, the result was an amicable draw and I hope that it becomes an annual fixture. Thank you also to those Vets who kindly ball-spotted during our ‘AM-AM’ and ‘Pro-AM’.

Sadly, this year there have been some bereavements within the Club and our thoughts go out to their families.


With regard to myself, as I have said before, this position is very demanding but nevertheless, what a super year I have had!

Golfing-wise, the first six months I still possessed the prestigious Dupree Cup, which I unsuccessfully defended in August at Rowlands Castle.

I was, however, very lucky to win the Hants. Patrons Cup at Brockenhurst

                                                          Hants. Alliance at Lee-on-Solent

                                                          Past Capts. Fourball at Corhampton

                                                          Invitation    ”    at Lee-on-Solent

                                                          Invitation    ”    at Southwick Park

and with our Professional’s help, my first Pro-AM at Cowdray Park. The highlight of my year has GOT to be Captains Day – and what a smashing day that was!  To all those who took part – thank you.

It goes without saying that to be a Captain, you must have a very understanding and patient wife, and how lucky I am!  I would like to thank Mary so much for her 100% support during my year.

With the assistance of Peter Taylor I have endeavoured to see that the smooth running of the Club continued as it should, and I do not think that we have made any major faux pas, but if I have made any small ones, “you can’t buy experience”.  I now retire into the realms of Past Captain and also to being a social golfer. To all members who supported me during my year, thank you, I have had a great time.

Your new Captain-Elect is Mr C.L. Andrew, a person who has done a lot of work behind the scenes over a number of years. I will be there in the background as Keith Collins was for me, to give advice if required, but of course, every Captain has got to do his own thing!

I sincerely hope than when Andy sits down this time next year to write his Captain’s Report, he can honestly say that he has enjoyed his year as much as I have enjoyed 1983/84. Please give him your full support.

Members ! we have one of the best Clubs in Hampshire: “LOOK AFTER IT”.



Our Centenary Year is 1990, and if any member has anything at all relating to the history of the Club, and would be kind enough to get in touch with the Secretary’s office, it would be much appreciated. The Hampshire Chronicle have given kind permission for us to look through their archives for any relevant information, and Bill Trivess has very kindly offered to make a scale model of the old 9-hole course. Anything – no matter how trivial it may seem – will be most welcome.

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