The Cy Thomas Cup

Senior Men’s Open Competition

This is a major event in the Senior Men’s year. The Senior Men’s secretary invites 60 visitors from clubs with whom the Senior Men have matches, plus a few other local clubs. 30 Senior Men members play so that a home player hosts two visitors. Play is from the first and 10th tees. Yellow tees are used and scoring is by Stableford off full handicap.

From 2015 the visitors competition was changed to BB Pairs.

Best Home player in competition played in one division receives the Cy Thomas Cup. Cy Thomas was a member of the Club for many years except for a short period when he returned to his native Wales. He had been a teacher and sadly he died suddenly after playing in a Senior Men’s competition. His wife donated the trophy in his memory.

Cy Thomas Cup – Senior Men’s Open

1997G. B. Piper2017Chris Mitchell
1998R. Curtis2018Norman Short
1999R. Bondsfield2019Ian Ellis
2000R. Beaumont2020Not Played (Covid-19)
2001M. White2021Tony Aldrich
2002N. Short2022Norman Short
2003C. Garrod2023Richard Nehrebecki
2004F. C. Thompson2024
2005D. Upshall2025
2006A. Collins2026
2007G. Staley
2008M. A. Hall
2009D. White
2010Roy Chequer
2011Geoffrey Appleby
2012Nic Holladay
2013Dave Williamson
2014Richard Albery
2015Vic Ettie
2016Nic Holladay