One Hundred Years of Hampshire Ladies’ Golf

The following is an extract from the book p184.  The entry for ‘Corhampton Golf Club’ is in between the entry for Chilworth Golf Club and Cowes Golf Club.

Corhampton Golf Club
Established 1891
An 18-hole chalk downland course. Has 127 lady members, 112 playing regularly. It was originally a 9-hole course, until various improvements were made. The following is quoted from a letter written by Allan P Powell ,of Meonstoke:

It was in 1929 when Major Harvey [the then Secretary] approached me and asked if I could help him to bunker and generally improve the course. ‘These fellows have had it too easy for too long, we will make a golf course and make ’em play,’ he said. As the bunkers started to make themselves felt, I got a strong feeling that,I was not very popular. In those days, it really was downland grazed by sheep, and the old groundsman went every morning round the whole course with a long hazel stick, swishing the sheep droppings off the greens. The fairways were mown by a horse-drawn mower and (except for rabbit scrapes) were kept quite well. P.S. Bunkers erected numbered 45; length of course 2,423 yards for nine holes.

Twink Bunce remembers the ladies making teas and that they could never leave anything in the clubhouse because of mice. Someone would shout ‘mouse’ and everyone would lift their legs and carry on with tea! The ladies used to play their medals, come in for tea, go out and play another 18 holes and then come in to play dominoes. Sometimes the police used to have to turf them out at midnight!

A further 9 holes were built in 1975, a new clubhouse was constructed, and in 1991 4 new holes were developed. A cricket square was incorporated on part of the golf course at one time, and if a cricket match was taking place 2 holes had to be taken out of play.

Joanna Buchanan is currently the South East Representative for Hampshire and is a past Captain of the Hampshire Society of Lady Captains. Liz Borrow is a notable member of Corhampton, and was County Captain, in 1994-5, successfully leading the team to win the County Finals in 1995 at Bristol and Clifton.