Minutes 1965

Extracts from the Minutes for 1965

List of Meetings

  • Wednesday, March 17th, 1965 at Mr Pink’s office, Wickham Road, Fareham
  • Wednesday, March 31st, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • Thursday, April 15th, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • AGM, Sunday, April 18th, 1965
  • Thursday, April 29th, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, June 14th, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, June 21st, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, July 12th, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • Thursday, August 19th, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • Friday, August 27th, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • Tuesday, September 28th, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • Thursday, October 14th, 1965 at the Clubhouse
  • Thursday, December 9th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

Wednesday, March 17th, 1965 at Mr Pink’s office, Wickham Road, Fareham

The Secretary report that the Southern Electricity Board had informed him that it was estimated to connect the electricity supply in three months’ time i.e. about mid-May.

Barclays Bank Ltd. had written allowing the overdraft limit of £1500 to lapse until the autumn or such time later this year when it was found necessary to take up the same.

A letter dated 3rd March 1965 was received from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government granting permission to sink a bore hole on the following conditions:

1. The depth of the bore hole not to exceed 400 feet
2. The Capacity of the pump to be installed shall not exceed 1000 gallons per hour.
3. Except with the consent of the Minister given after like proceedings with respect to the publication and service of notices and the making and hearing of objections as per Section 14(6) of the Water Act 1954 a) not more than 12000 in any one day and not more than 136000 gallons in any one year should be abstracted from the borehole during the period ending 31st December 1968 and b) not more than 200 gallons of water per day shall be abstracted after 31st December 1968.
4. A water meter to be installed and readings taken and recorded to show the quantity of water abstracted in any one day of 24 hours.
5. Any authorised officer be permitted to inspect and transcribe records.
6. If the borehole is not sunk within one year from the date of the licence, the licence shall cease to have an effect.

The Secretary said he had immediately written to the Ministry asking point blank does the licence mean that in spite of spending approximately £2000 on sinking a bore a further application would have to be made after December 31st, 1968 and the Minister may or may not renew the licence.

After a long discussion it was agreed that the decision taken at the last meeting not to proceed with a bore but to obtain a supply from the Portsmouth Water Co be adhered to and Secretary to issue the necessary orders to the Water Company and S.C.A.T.S.

A sub-committee was appointed to consider improvements to the Clubhouse in particular the sanitary accommodation and heating.

The following applications for membership were considered and approved: Rev T G G Strangeways of Droxford and two sons as Junior Members, R Hennessy of Droxford, Mrs Macdonald of Clanfield, Miss R M Ralph of Bitterne Park, Mr A R Davis of Fareham, Mr A C Paton of Southampton, Mr R S Stickland of Fareham, Mr J F Jones of Catisfield.

The Secretary read extracts upon the standard scratch score and handicapping scheme received from the English Golf Union and it was decided that the new S.S.S of the course should be 69 with the present bogey scores remaining.

Mr Valentine brought forward the question of spring feed for the greens saying there was none in stock and the present weather was ideal for the job.. It was agreed that the Secretary should get the fertilizer from Warwicks of Wickham and the Chairman to instruct the greenkeeper to put it n the greens.

Wednesday, March 31st, 1965 at the Clubhouse

A letter was read from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government which confirmed the interpretation of the conditions stipulated by them in respect of the consent to sink a borehole.

A letter was read from the Droxford R D C to he effect that the Rating Authority had decided to extend the 255 rate relief for the financial year ending March 31st 1966.

Mr Lewis presented and explained the accounts and balance sheet for the year ending December 31st 1964.. He again reported a very good year, green fees reaching a record sum. He adversely reported upon the profits from the bar which were approximately 18% but he understood this was due to a larger proportion of cigarettes being sold and the low process charged for drinks particularly spirits. He also explained the build up of “Cleaning Materials and Sundries” and Sunday receipts and donations.

It was agreed that the AGM be held on Sunday, April 18th.

The following applications for membership were approved: Mr P D Harvey Kelly of Bishop’s Waltham, Mr A Hicks of Southampton, Mr J H Outram of East Meon.

A lengthy discussion on various items took place i.e. condition of the course, opening of the bar etc. but it was agreed that these items should not be minuted as no definite decisions were made.

Thursday, April 15th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

The secretary stated that the meeting had been convened to discuss letters received from three members which were to be presented at the AGM. The first from Mr Blanchard dealt with golf-etiquette, particularly two players using one set of clubs and whether green fee players should be restricted on Sundays and possibly Saturdays during the summer. The agreed answer to be that two notices be prepared stating that each green fee player should have the necessary clubs (one on the outside board and one in the Clubhouse near the fee box). In addition leaflets to be provided on the main items of golf etiquette and placed near the green fee box and headed ‘Please take one’.

The second letter from Mrs Turner stated that nothing had been done to increase the green fees although it had been left to the Committee at the last AGM. The respective minutes of that meeting were read which proved that at the 1964 AGM recommendations from the Committee to increase green fees were approved but in addition the Committee were empowered to further increase green fees and particular increase temporary membership fees. In discussing this subject the Committee considered Mr Blanchard’s second point re weekend green fee players and although agreeing it would be ideal to be able to do it, with our present commitments we would be unwise to try. It was also agreed that the following increases on fees could be put before the annual assembly if it was thought necessary ; Mondays to Fridays – increase 1/- to 5/-, Saturdays to remain as at present (10/- and 7/6 if playing with a member), Sundays and Bank Holidays – increase by 5/- to 15/- and 12/6 if with a member.

The third letter from Mrs West was read. This proved to be a general castigation on the club as a whole comparing conditions of ten years ago, present conditions of the course, particularly the greens, cutting down bushes etc. and elimination of “rough” thereby making the course easier, comparison of the clubhouse with a transport café, uninviting regarding bar service etc. A long discussion ensued which in the main refuted Mrs West’s views and after Mrs West had been asked twice to withdraw the letter and refused it was decided to leave the whole discussion to the AGM without making any specific recommendation.

AGM, Sunday, April 18th, 1965

The meeting was held at the Clubhouse and 39 members attended.

The Captain presented his report on the Club’s activities during the year. Eight matches were played, winning three, halving three and losing two which was very satisfactory and he remarked on the spirit in which the matches were played, which was more important than the results, his appreciation of the old regulars who turned out and others who took their places very often at short notice. The Captain regretted that the Open Meeting was not a success, the men’s events having to be cancelled owing to a lack of support and the financial result was a loss of £7. The annual supper dance at Southsea was again a financial and social success but Mr Goodall in thanking those members who gave prizes for the Draw appealed to other members to spread the load. The Captain referred to the water scheme stating that only a month ago the Ministry’s decision allowing us to bore had been received but it contained so many restrictions as to render the scheme impracticable. Your Committee before receiving this decision had decided to proceed with the scheme taking the Company’s water which had proved to be a wise one. Electricity had already reached the Clubhouse and was hoped to shortly proceed with improvements to the Clubhouse in particular improved heating and flush toilets. The Captain expressed his thanks to the many people who had been kind to him and helped him in so many ways. The Captain’s report was received with acclamation.

Mr Lewis, the honorary auditor explained the main items on the Balance Sheet and dealt expertly with the various points raised. He stated that the Club had had a very successful year and was flourishing . The accounts were adopted unanimously. The thanks of the Club were given to Mr Lewis as well as his usual gift of twelve golf balls.

The election of officers for the ensuing year took place with the following results: President – Mr J W Valentine, Captain – Mr H W Shiner, Vice-Captain – Mr G A Blanchard. The Committee was also elected and the Secretary and Auditor were both re-elected. It was agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to the retiring President, Mr R P Chester.

It was proposed that the honorarium paid to the hon. secretary be £30 as last year but an amendment proposing that the amount of £50 be paid was carried.

Under item 8 dealing with business brought forward by the Committee or members three letters were read from Mr Blanchard, Mrs K G Turner and Mrs D West and dealt with as follows

Mr Blanchard wrote suggesting that each player should have a bag of clubs and that visitors should be excluded on Sundays and perhaps Saturdays unless playing with a member. Mr Blanchard further explained his letter and took the meeting on a recent round of golf he had experienced. The considered views of the Committee were given as follows and accepted. That two notices be provided stating that each green fee player should have a bag of clubs (one to be placed on the board outside and the other inside near the green fee box). Leaflets on golf etiquette to be prepared and placed next to the green fee box. That in view of the club’s present commitments no restriction on green fee players be made but further increases to be considered.

Mrs Turner’s letter was read which dealt with golf etiquette generally and stating that subscriptions had not been increased although it was decided to do so at the last AGM. The meeting thought the first part of the letter had been dealt with in Mr Blanchard’s decisions but the views of the Committee were that although the Committee had received a mandate to alter subscriptions if necessary, the then particular point had been with regard to temporary membership which had been attended to. Mr Pink stated the amounts of the possible increases. It was finally agreed that the matter of increasing subscriptions be left to the Committee, they having noted the views expressed by the meeting.

Mrs West’s letter was read which seemed to attack everyone connected with the Club but in particularly Mr and Mrs Reeves. The past Captain said the Committee had considered the letter at length but left it entirely to the annual assembly. He appealed to Mrs West to withdraw it, the various points having been noted, but this Mrs West refused to do. It was suggested that the letter amounted to a vote of no confidence in the Committee and that this should be put to the meeting. It was then pointed out that the letter referred to the old Committee, a new one having just been elected, so the proposition was invalid. Someone disputed the facts stating that he had always received civility and proper treatment from the Greenkeeper and his wife. Someone said that if anyone thought of the club as the letter stated then the obvious answer was to join another club. Various members spoke on the inadequate wages paid and the view was generally felt that the Committee should take any action thought necessary regarding labour when mains water is available on the course. Finally Mr Bunce said the various views had been aerated and it was agreed that the Committee should deal with the letter.

The Lady Captain, Mrs Bunce, presented certain cups to the respective winners and the meeting closed with a vote of thanks to Mr Goodall, the immediate past captain and to Mr Shiner the new captain.

Thursday, April 29th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

The secretary submitted a quotation from the Southern Electricity Board amounting to £227 for providing heating and lighting in the club premises. This included 12 lights( 5 to be fluorescent tubes), 12 switches, 4 convector heaters in the hall, 3 Dimplex infra-red wall heaters and separate current for the water pump. After careful consideration and bearing mind the cost of the convector heaters, wall heaters and water heaters it was thought the quotation was quite reasonable. It was agreed that the tender be accepted and the work put in hand at once.

In discussing items arising from the AGM it was agreed that the green fees be increased as suggested i.e. Mondays to Fridays – 5/- per round, Saturdays to remain as at present at 10/- (7/6 with a member), Sundays and Bank Holidays 15/- per round (12/6 with a member).

It was agreed that the letter from Mrs West “lie on the table”.

A discussion on the condition of the course ensued and it was agreed that the Green Committee should be Messrs Valentine, Shiner and Pink and that Mr Valentine should be elected chairman and spokesman of that Committee. The general feeling was that this arrangement should operate for a month and then be reviewed. Mr Valentine said he had asked for reports on the greens from turf experts.

The question of attendance at the bar was mentioned but left for another meeting.

Monday, June 14th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

A letter was read from the Southern Electricity Board stating that owing to the actual load being heavier that that originally estimated the lump sum or guarantee would have to be increased and it was suggested that the annual guarantee be increased from £38 to £53 for five years. As there was no alternative this was agreed to.

The Secretary stated that after waiting three weeks he had now received application forms and information regarding grants under the Physical Training and Recreation Act 1937. He had discussed the matter with Mr Pell of the Education Office, Winchester who thought a grant towards the installation of flush toilets in the clubhouse might be obtained. In a general discussion on finance(balance in bank – £1661-14-7), delay, advisability of taking a grant etc it was agreed that a sub-committee be formed to go into the whole question of improvements to he Clubhouse and to make an early report to the Committee who would then decide whether to make an application for a grant or not.

Mr Valentine presented a report from T Parker & Sons (Turf Management) Ltd regarding the greens. Samples of the turf had been analysed which proved all the greens to be rather acid and to have an excessive amount of fibre present which must be removed before successful results could be obtained. It was suggested that intensive scarifying was necessary until all the top growth had been removed and then the greens over sown with suitable seeds, mixture, etc. This should not be started until the Autumn and in rotation to enable work to take place on one green at a time. Further hand raking would not be satisfactory and it was suggested that a Sisis Auto-Rotorake be used. The cost of seed, fertiliser and pre-seeding fertiliser would cost £22-18-0 per green or £206-2-0 for nine greens exclusive of labour. The cost of a Sisis Rotorake is £195. Mr Booth a representative from the firm attended the meeting, made an explanation of the report and answered the many questions put to him. He said the greens were in this state due to many years of mismanagement. He agreed that our present labour force could not do this type of work. Unfortunately Mr Booth appeared to be too ready to agree to any proposal put forward and it seemed that seeding would be satisfactory so would re-turfing and so would patching and treatment. After a long discussion in which it was agreed that our greenkeeper was incapable of doing this work and bearing in mind the Committee had sat for 2 hours 20 minutes it was agreed to adjourn the meeting until Monday, June 21st.

Monday, June 21st, 1965 at the Clubhouse

The following applications were approved: N A Williams of Denmead, G Small of Shirrell Heath, R D Laing of Titchfield.

The discussion on the greens was continued at length with varying ideas as to the treatment to be given. Mr Bunce repeated stated that in his view the question of who would carry out the work had to be decided before deciding what had to be done. The meeting gradually came to this opinion. Everyone agreed that the duties of Steward and Greenkeeper could not be effectively done by Mr Reeves now that water was on the course. Mrs Banting said that she thought that if Mr Reeves was offered the job of Steward on favourable terms that he would willingly relinquish the job of Greenkeeper. The new duties of the Steward were dealt with when it was thought that in Summer the hours the bar should be opened should be Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays – usual licensing hours but the Steward be on duty at 9am until 2pm and 7pm to 10:30pm or 11pm, Mondays and Tuesdays – off, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays – 7pm to 10:30pm or 11pm. This would average 32 hours per week. In the Winter months these hours would only apply to weekends and Bank Holidays. The suggested wages to be £10 per week all the year round, the Club also paying the employee’s share of the National Insurance Stamp. In addition it was thought that during these hours the Steward should check the payment of green fee players, be responsible for the cleaning of the club premises including the car park area. With regard to the provision of teas etc it was thought that Mrs Reeves would continue if necessary increasing the prices of same. The above proposals were agreed to and it was also agreed that the Captain and Secretary discuss the matter with Mr Reeves who should be invited to attend the next meeting of the Committee.

Mr Valentine brought forward the difficulty of his visiting the course regularly so it was agreed that Mr Pink be elected Chairman of the Greens Committee.

Monday, July 12th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

The Captain and Secretary said that they had interviewed Mr Reeves individually putting forward the views of the Committee that the duties of Greenkeeper and Steward could not be efficiently carried out by one person and putting forward the view that he might take over the stewardship and enumerating the duties and hours thereof. They said that this had been favourably received and that Mr Reeves would attend the meeting.

Before Mr Reeves was interviewed the duties of the Steward were further discussed and the following amendments and additions were agreed to 1) The wages to £10 per week all the year round but subject to the usual deductions for National Health etc., 2) In the event of any social evenings being held at the Clubhouse during the winter months it would be expected that the Steward would attend without further remuneration, 3) The holiday to be a fortnight which would include four days in lieu of Bank Holidays which would have to be worked.

Mr Reeves joined the meeting when the suggested duties were explained to him fully by the Secretary. When putting forward items that he had considered Mr Reeves thought that he should have a fortnight’s holiday plus days in lieu of Bank Holidays. With regard to opening and closing the clubhouse he said he would open anytime when it coincided with his school duties but thought he should not have to do it on his days off i.e. Mondays and Tuesdays. The Committee thought that with the advent of a new greenkeeper, opening the club should be no difficulty at any time but arrangements should be made in respect of closing Mondays and Tuesdays in summer and every evening in winter. The removal of the green fee box, spirits and cigarettes was also mentioned by Mr Reeves and a discussion upon the provision of a strong room took place.

Mr Reeves then retired and the various items he raised being dealt with. It was agreed that a fortnight’s holiday, not to be taken altogether be offered. The days in lieu of Bank Holidays being taken care of by the winter months when the average days worked per week would be two. It was agreed that the position of Steward be offered to Mr Reeves on the terms agreed by the Committee but not to operate until a new greenkeeper commences his duties.

It was agreed to advertise for a Greenkeeper in the Portsmouth Evening News and Southern Echo in July 16th and 17th. No information re wages to be stated within the advertisement. The Green Committee plus the Vice-Captain, Mr Blanchard, to make the appointment.

The Secretary explained the proposals regarding the improvements to the sanitary accommodation at the clubhouse which had been agreed by the sub-committee and that he hoped to get plans and estimates within the next few days.

Mr Goodall agreed to discuss with Mr Lewis the question of this year’s repayment of debentures.

Thursday, August 19th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the minutes the Secretary stated that two insertions in two local newspapers had been made regarding the position of Greenkeeper/Groundsman but only two applications had bee received i.e. from Mr R Crockford and Mr G Longman. Mr Crockford was 28, a golfer with County experience, at present working for Atco at Petersfield, a certain amount of greenkeeping knowledge acquired at Alresford and if appointed he would like to run a golf shop. Mr Longman was in his fifties and has had 35 years’ experience with gardens and lawns. After a long discussion it was agreed that Mr Crockford be appointed Greenkeeper provided that he accepts stipulations made by the Greens Committee regarding working hours, wages, etc..

The question of a payment of £250 towards the repayment of debentures was further discussed. The Secretary stated that the credit balance at Barclays was £1645-16-11 and that he had today drawn cheques to Scats for £600, S E Borrow £14-17-0 and Nelson Hurst (fire insurance) £19-8-2. This would leave a balance of £1011-11-19. Suggested payments to the end of year would be rent £120, debenture repayment £250, Scats final £600, Clubhouse improvements £400 totalling £1370. He thought we might manage this year without an overdraft not exceeding £300 and that if the present financial pattern continues there was a definite prospect of the Company being wound up before 1970. It was agreed that £250 be paid this year towards the repayment of debentures.

The Secretary presented a detailed estimate of the cost of Clubhouse improvements to the Clubhouse amounting to £403-4-3 from T Pink & Son of Bishop’s Waltham. Mr Banting said that he had not tendered because if he obtained the job he could not start it for at least six months. Mr Bunce queried the price of for concrete and it might include the laying of thermoplastic tiles. The secretary brought forward the question of applying for a grant on the cost but the unanimous wish of the Committee was that there should be no delay so it was agreed that Mr Pink’s tender be accepted and the work be put in hand as soon as possible without considering a grant but that the floor tiles be installed in the Ladies room and a footbath be included.

The Chairman reported that the cost of providing a strong room in 1/4 inch plate 6 foot high by 3 foot 6 inches square would be about £25 for materials and the total cost might be £40 or thereabouts. It was agreed to proceed further with enquiries.

The following applications for membership were approved: G Hartridge of Hambledon, J Banting of Clanfield, L R Hines of Thornhill & John aged 16, D Bartlett of Swanwick, A Pearce of West End, C G Harper of Bitterne Park, R I Todd of Botley.

The Secretary said that the membership at present was 133 men and 29 women. The view was that the limit should be 200 and it was agreed that we should be more formal and official with applications which should be on the proper form, proposed and seconded by members and displayed on the notice board.

Under any other business the date and venue of the Annual Dance was mentioned and it was agreed to write to Kimbells of Southsea for Friday December 3rd or 10th.

Friday, August 27th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the minutes the Secretary reported that Kimbells of Southsea had no Fridays available for the Annual Dance but offered alternative dates and it was agreed to hold the dance on Wednesday, December 15th.

A full report was received from each member of the Greens Committee regarding the meeting held on Monday last when Mr Crockford was interviewed regarding his application for the post of Greenkeeper. Agreement on the duties to be performed had been reached with one exception of wages. He realised the amount of hard work that would be required to get the course in good condition particularly the greens and tees. After a long discussion it was agreed that Mr Crockford be appointed on the general terms as discussed by the Greens Committee. It was decided not to have a formal agreement particularly regarding hours worked but these would average 42 hours per week excluding a day off. The real test to be the condition of the course. The old pro’s hut to be available to Mr Crockford for alteration for use as a golf shop. Mr Crockford would also assist in seeing that non-members paid the requisite green fees.

A discussion on the provision of a tractor was discussed at length bearing in mind that when the new greenkeeper started at the end of September he would need assistance with the carting of materials etc for repairing tees etc. Most members entered into this discussion and were agreed upon the necessity but some doubted whether the club could afford a new tractor at this stage. It was agreed that the Chairman of the Greens Committee should make enquiries from Holloway Huson of Chichester regarding the purchase of a good second hand tractor with power equipment and report back to the Committee at the end of September.

Tuesday, September 28th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

The members stood in silence in memory of Mr R G Reeves who passed away on the 15th.

The main item of business was dealing with the vacancy of Steward following Mr Reeve’s death. A very full discussion ensued in which all members took part. It was suggested that Mrs Reeves was willing to continue as Stewardess. Although it was felt that it would have been nice to offer Mrs Reeves the same terms as her late husband, all members agreed that for the winter months the wage of £10 per week could not be justified. If the bar was used no more than in recent winters the maximum hours to be worked would be no more than two on Saturdays and 21/2 on Sundays with cleaning of the clubhouse, say a further 4 hours per week. However with proper heating and lighting it was hoped the bar might be opened on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Mr Pink thought that the wages for the winter months should be no more than £5 per week. Finally it was agreed that Mrs Reeves would be interviewed and he reactions reported back at the next meeting.

The Secretary reported that Kimbells had booked the Clifton Ballroom for the Supper Dance on December 15th, but as he had received one or two complaints about a supper dance and the short time left for actual dancing. The alternative would be to have a Dinner and Dance and the Committee generally approved the idea so it was agreed to ask Kimbells for terms.

The Secretary replied to a question from Mr Pink concerning the night shooting of rabbits on the course by Nicholson’s party from Swanmore. This had been in use for some time and as he had been approached recently by Mr Nicholson he had agreed to this and hoped that we could discontinue the payment to the West Meon Rabbit Clearance Society.

The following were elected members of the club: K G Beattie of Bitterne, R E C Barnes of Alton, E J Fisher of West End, Mr E C & Mrs J Russell Hill of Fareham.

Thursday, October 14th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

Mrs Bunce and Mrs Banting reported upon their discussions with Mrs Reeves regarding her future appointment as Stewardess. The terms as previously discussed were agreeable so it was decided that Mrs Reeves be appointed Stewardess. The winter months at £5 per week and in summer the wages to be increased to £10 per week. The hours being Saturday and Sunday in the winter months and the increased opening in the summer months as set out for the late Mr Reeves. Cleaning of the Clubhouse to be included throughout.

It was agreed to hold a Dinner and Dance on December 15th with tickets to be 35/- each. The secretary would issue invitations to members as quickly as possible.

The Captain reported that the cost of the steel safe would be £98 plus fixing and it was decided to provide one made of reinforced hollow mineral blocks and for Messrs T Pink & Son to put it in hand immediately if it could be done at a cost not exceeding £80.

The following applications for membership were approved: J L Fitt of Wickham, V Pickett of Old Netley.

Mrs Banting offered a good second-hand Creda cooker and a 4ft by 2ft 6in Formica-topped kitchen for £15-10-0 for use at the club and it was agreed that they should be purchased.

Thursday, December 9th, 1965 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the minutes the Secretary said he had not received a price for providing a strong room due, he thought, to the difficulty of obtaining a steel door. It was agreed to leave the question with Mr Banting and Mr Bunce trying to give assistance regarding the provision of a steel door.

The main business of the meeting was the question of membership. There were 29 applications before the Committee. The secretary said the present membership was 188 including 33 unpaid members for 1965. Three members had or would resign and there were almost thirty who only played during the week. After a long discussion it was agreed to elect the 29 names before the meeting but to close the membership list temporarily and keep a waiting list.

A discussion on the dance revealed that it was hoped to have about 180 present and the toast list was extended to 1) The loyal toast, 2) The Club proposed by Mr E Staples reply by Mr J W Valentine, 3) The guests proposed by Mr H W Shiner reply by Mr S Borrow. It was agreed to amend the menus accordingly.

The Secretary reported upon a meeting he had had that day with the Divisional Surveyor who had put forward proposals to improve the cross-roads and the approach road from Bishop’s Waltham. Apart from staggering the cross-roads, the B2150 road would be raised a maximum of eight feet which would necessitate a ten to twelve feet strip from the Golf Club and in place a slope of equal width would be needed. The Divisional Surveyor would prefer to grade the field up to a 100 feet first pushing the top-soil back, filling with chalk and re-placing. Although the final decision would be the Estate Company’s it was decided to appoint a sub-committee to discuss with and meet the County Council officials.

It was agreed that the Greens Committee should give instructions to have white posts fixed dividing the 5th and 6th fairways and the 14th and 15th fairways and a local rule provided to make the shots “out of bounds”.

The question of a new tractor and its immediate purchase was discussed and Mr Pink agreed to bring particulars and prices to a specially convened meeting of the committee.

Mr Blanchard mentioned Dr Mitchell and the question of honorary membership of the club. It was decided to discuss this at a future meeting as the view was expressed that such a proposal would need the approval of a general meeting.