Minutes 1964

Extracts from the Minutes for 1964

List of Meetings

  • Wednesday, April 15th, 1964 at Mr Pink’s office, Wickham Road, Fareham.
  • AGM, Sunday, May 10th, 1964
  • Friday, May 29th, 1964 at the Clubhouse
  • Friday, September 4th, 1964 at the Clubhouse
  • Friday, November 27th, 1964 at Mr Pink’s office, Wickham Road, Fareham

Wednesday, April 15th, 1964 at Mr Pink’s office, Wickham Road, Fareham.

The following persons were admitted to membership of the Club: Mr R Betts of Soberton, Mr P D Pritchard of Botley, Mr V A Reeves of Droxford, Mr L G Beaton, Mrs K Henderson of Southsea, Mr E G Goslin of Wickham Common, Mr D E Draper of Wickham, Miss B M Lewis of Fareham (Junior Membership).

Complaints were received from various members regarding the behaviour of Cdr Philip’s two dogs on the course, chiefly by spoiling bunkers and shouting to try and control them which could be heard over the course. It was agreed that an appropriate letter be sent to the owner that if they are exercised over the course they should be on a lead.

The Secretary reported that the joint Open Meeting with the Ladies had been fixed for June 18th, 20th and 21st and comprised five events – two Ladies, two Men and Mixed Foursomes.

A letter and brochure from the Youth Employment Officer in respect of the Golf Greenkeeper Apprenticeship Scheme were presented and it was agreed that as the Club did not have a qualified Greenkeeper, that no further action be taken.

The Sub-Committee appointed at the last meeting had had two meetings and reported that the Hon. Auditor and Hon. Secretary had interviewed the Club’s Bank Manager. The secretary said he had received a letter from the Southern Electricity Boards stating that the minimum annual revenue necessary for five years should be £38 and not £76. A letter received from the Bank Manager agreed to he Club having an overdraft of approximately £1500 in a separate Bank Loan account to be repayable with interest over five years. If this was done it would be necessary to adopt a new rule for the Club in respect of borrowing. After a lengthy discussion the meeting confirmed the previous discussion to proceed with the provision of mains electricity and piped water from a bore on the course. It was agreed that (1) the entrance fee for membership be increased immediately from two to five guineas, (2) the annual subscription for both men and women be increased by two guineas as from January 1st, 1965 but to apply immediately for new members, (3) green fees to be altered as follows: Weekdays – 4/- per round or 6/- per day, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays – 10/- per round (7/6 with a member) or 15/- per day (10/- with a member), (4) a new rule allowing the Club to borrow form the Bank to be included in the Rules and that the above items be put before the members at the AGM.

Mr Lewis, the hon. auditor, presented and explained the accounts and balance sheet for the year ending December 31st, 1963. He again reported a very good year, green fees reaching a record sum of £683. Two items he commented upon adversely were the reduced profit from the bar and the fruit-machine.

It was agreed that the AGM be held on Sunday, May 10th.

The membership at present was stated as 124 men, 25 women, 15 junior members and 3 non-playing members.

AGM, Sunday, May 10th, 1964

The meeting took place at the Clubhouse and 47 members were present.

A tribute was paid to the memory of Mr Rodney Clark and Mrs A Valentine who had passed away since the last meeting and members stood in silence as a token of respect.

The Captain presented his report upon the various Club’s activities. The club matches had been well supported and teams had done very well losing two matches out of eight. The annual dance at Southsea had again been successful whilst the only disquieting feature of his year was the lack of medal competitions and the non-completion of various men’s competitions. Mr Pink expressed his thanks to the honorary secretary, the Committee and to Mr & Mrs Reeves for their services.

Mr Lewis, the honorary auditor, gave his report on the flourishing financial position and received a vote of thanks and his usual gift of twelve golf balls.

The election of officers for the ensuing year took place with the following results: President – Mr R P Chester, Captain – Mr L S Goodall, Vice-Captain – Mr H W Shiner. The rest of the committee were elected and the Secretary and Auditor were both re-elected.

It was agreed that the honorarium paid to the honorary secretary and treasurer for travelling expenses should be £30.

A lengthy discussion on the provision of a water supply and an electricity supply took place. It was decided that a water supply using Scheme No 2 and mains electricity be provided. It was agreed that subscriptions be increased by three guineas. It was agreed that in the case of a failure of Scheme No 2 then the Committee have power to proceed with Scheme No 1.

A discussion then took place regarding other subscriptions and green fees and it was agreed that the Committee should have the power to amend the green fees etc. if considered necessary.

A letter was read by the Secretary from Mr F L Bunce regarding the unsatisfactory manner in which the Valentine and Clark Trophy competitions had been run in 1963 which even now were unfinished. Mr Pink thought these could be completed with three weeks but on being put to the meeting it was agreed that these two competitions for 1963 be cancelled and any proceeds from entrance fees and sweeps being given to Club funds. Following this discussion it was agreed that a sub-committee be formed with the object of making definite rules regarding the running of all competitions.

It was agreed that the amendment to the rules “That the Club shall be empowered to borrow from its Bankers sum or sums as may be required from time to time on overdraft account or otherwise” be adopted.

Friday, May 29th, 1964 at the Clubhouse

It was agreed that the question of alteration of the green fees be left for the time being, the fees for junior membership to remain unaltered but the fees for temporary members be raised to five guineas for six months and three guineas for three months. It was also agreed that the rules of the Club should be duplicated and copies posted in the Clubhouse.

The following applications for membership were considered and approved: Capt. A F Caswill of Fareham, P D Caswill (junior member), C H Smith of Woolston, P Hardiman of Horndean, A Cooper of Bishop’s Waltham, Lt Cdr D C Edwards of Shedfield.

The Secretary reported that he had had two recent conversations with the local policeman regarding the protection of the club premises and although the Committee had decided twelve months ago not to proceed in accordance with Sergeant Stubbington’s main report, the main doors, bar internal door, bar window provided little opposition to even the most amateur of burglars. After discussion it was decided to repair the front doors providing top and bottom bolts, put bars across the bar windows and strengthen the rear door. When this is done it is suggested that the steward should open up and close the clubhouse using the rear door entering the bar.

It was agreed that the Captain, Mr Valentine and the Secretary be elected as the Competition Sub-Committee and that proper rules etc for running the competitions be formed. The Secretary stated he would try and get a copy of the Portsmouth Golf Club’s rules in this respect.

Various members stated their views about the present position of the course and every one agreed that it was in a bad condition. A contributory cause was the recent spraying of the fairways for buttercups and daisies which had resulted in the fairways being left. The members agreed that the Captain, Mr Pink and Mr Valentine should be entirely responsible for the condition of the course and comprise the Green Committee. It was also decided that the Green Committee could spend up to £50 in any one year if they considered urgent action and work was required.

The Secretary reported his experience with the Greenkeeper/Steward when on the previous Wednesday the steward flatly refusing to open the bar although there were quite a few members and visitors present. It was felt that this state of affairs applied frequently other than Saturdays and Sundays and it was left to the newly formed Green Committee to discuss this with Mr Reeves and take positive action.

The Chairman reported that he and Mrs West had decided to hold “Captains” Day on Sunday, June 11th commencing at 1:30pm.

Friday, September 4th, 1964 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the previous meeting the attendance of the Steward at the bar was discussed at length. It was pointed out that the end of the summer was approaching when hours would be naturally reduced and it was felt that this should be dealt with by the Green Committee who had heard the various complaints put forward by the various members.

Golf etiquette was generally discussed and it was thought that any member of the Committee should call the attention of any player to the normal etiquette of the game if they thought it was not being observed.

The Secretary gave a full report on the present position regarding electricity and water supplies reading copies of objection sent to the Ministry by Mr Horlock, Mr V G Croad, Mr Newhouse, Mr Hall, Cdr Dowdeswell and the Hampshire River Board. It was felt that nothing further could be done by the Club until the decision of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government was received. It was agreed, in the meantime, to obtain a quotation from S.C.A.T.S. for both water schemes.

The following applications for membership were considered and approved: Mr J F Huggett, Mr K McCarthy, Mr P E Houghton, Mr G Miller, Mr C F Smith.

The secretary reported upon the finances of the1964 Open Meeting when it was shown that the loss from the meeting was £7-9-10. It was also stated that there were 131 male and 32 female members of the Club and the balance in the bank was £1657-1-9. Green fees to the end of August totalled £566-14-0 compared with £676 for the whole of 1963. After hearing the above reports it was agreed that £200 be paid to the Holding Company for the repayment of debentures.

It was agreed that the annual dance should be held at Kimbell’s, Southsea with the various details as last year. The date to be the first fortnight in December, further details being left in the hands of the secretary.

Mr Fairbairn agreed to mention to Mr Dodge the possibility of obtaining some free or cheap score cards, the more expensive ones being used more sparingly.

It was agreed to purchase two tables with glass tops and the secretary agreed to contact Mr Jeffery who supplied the present ones. Efforts also to be made to get the green stack-chairs re-covered or re-seated.

Friday, November 27th, 1964 at Mr Pink’s office, Wickham Road, Fareham

Arising from the minutes the Secretary reported that no decision had yet been received from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government in respect of the application to sink a bore hole on the course for the purpose of a water supply. Mr Piper of S.C.A.T.S. of Winchester had been interviewed on the site and had submitted two quotations for (a) a piped supply form the Water Company’s mains and (b) a private bore. The specifications were similar to the quotation received from Messrs Green & Carter of Winchester and showed a reduction of £84 for scheme(a) and £252 for scheme(b). With regard to scheme(a) there was reduction in spite of the fact that Green & Carter had allowed £35 for the Water Co’s tapping fee against S.C.A.T.S. £93. This latter figure was the figure actually quoted by the Water Co.. It was agreed that S.C.A.T.S. tenders be accepted. The Secretary submitted his views on both schemes which he had arrived at over the past few months namely that in view of the possibility of having to bore more than 400 feet (a recent bore at Lone Barn had needed 450 feet) all the wells in the Dundridge area had dried up recently, the normal amount of water required would be small and the Water Co had actually altered their charges to 1/8 per 1000 gallons as against 2/- he was of the opinion that it would be safer to proceed with scheme(a). This view was favoured by the Committee and it was agreed that Messrs Goodall, Lutman, Banting and Pink should meet Mr Piper on the course on a Saturday morning to discuss details and ask for any information on the scheme The first available Saturday would be December 12th.

The following applications for membership were approved: E R Queen of Bitterne, Mrs P J G Miller of Clanfield, Mr & Mrs H G Fletcher of Fareham, A Hopkinson of Clanfield, V A Baker of Eastleigh, F G Glen of Knowle Hospital, T Bell of Southsea.

The Secretary reported that green fees for 1964 (to date) totalled £835 and that the credit balance at Barclays Bank was £1661-19-8.

A sample of the repairs to the tubular stack chairs was presented with a cane bottom and back at a cost of 17/6 per chair. The Committee thought this reasonable and satisfactory and it was agreed to have the twelve chairs done. It was also agreed that the two tables to be purchased should have tops of fireproof Formica instead of glass and a limit of £15 for tables was agreed.

Mr Fairbairn said that Mr Dodge could provide free score cards but it would mean the Club would have to sell Brickwood’s beer.

The Secretary reported on the arrangements for the dance, the only item requiring attention being the prizes for the raffle. It was decided that up to £10 should be provided out of Club funds for prizes. Mrs Banting said the Ladies Section would donate £2.