Minutes 1963

Extracts from the Minutes for 1963

List of Meetings

  • Monday, May 6th, 1963 at the Clubhouse
  • AGM, Sunday, May 19th, 1963
  • Monday, July 1st, 1963 at the Clubhouse
  • Tuesday, August 6th, 1963 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, September 3rd, 1963 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, October 7th, 1963 at the Clubhouse
  • Tuesday, December 3rd, 1963 at Mr Pink’s office, the Saw Mills, Wickham Road, Fareham.

Monday, May 6th, 1963 at the Clubhouse

Mr Lewis explained the accounts and balance sheet for the year ending December 31st, 1962. He again reported a good year with a record nett surplus of £641 as against £621 in 1961. The only adverse comments were in respect of the Bar account which showed a profit of 19% as the customary 22 or 23%. He understood however that in spite of losses from two or three burglaries the difference was accounted for by not increasing the price of spirits which had gone up due to the 1962 Budget. Mr Lewis was told that £50 from Mr Gamblin was actually in respect of rent which he pointed out might be subject to tax as the annual statements were now being requested by the Inland Revenue authorities. It was agreed that despite the drop in bar profit percentage no alteration at present be made to the prices of spirits.

Messrs F Banting Ltd.’s account for the bar alteration and additions amounting to £593-17-11 was presented and it was agreed it should be paid utilising the monies resting in the deposit account at Barclays. It was also agreed the when this account is paid the deposit account should be closed and the balance added to the current account.

A letter was read from Mr Reeves regarding the overcrowding of the course on Sundays principally due to green fee players. After a long discussion on the question generally it was agreed that the entrance fees for new members be increased to £5 and that the green fees at week-ends and bank holidays be 10/- per round and 7/6 when playing with a member or 15/- per day or 10/- per day when playing with a member. This to be brought forward to the AGM.

A letter was read from the Chief Supt. Fareham Division regarding crime prevention and protection of premises. Briefly it was to make the bar impregnable with bars and steel sheeting. The general view seemed to be to leave as at present almost devoid of stock so as to prevent wanton damage. It was also agreed the bar inner door and kitchen to be left unlocked at night.

A request from the Ladies Section was agreed to that a board be erected so as to notify players when competitions and matches were being played. It was also agreed to allow the presentation of cups and memento to Mrs Valentine to take place at the AGM.

The secretary reported upon unpaid members and it was agreed that letters be sent to them.

AGM, Sunday, May 19th, 1963

The meeting was held at the Clubhouse and 34 members attended.

The Captain presented his report upon the Club’s various activities. Although from the result point of view the club had not done too well in club matches he felt that all members had pulled their weight and he thanked all players for giving him full support. The annual dance held at Southsea for the second time had been an unqualified success, many people stating it was the best dance held by the club to date. Mr Lutman expressed his thanks to the honorary secretary, the general committee and to Mr and Mrs Reeves for their services. The Captain’s report was received with acclamation.

Mr Lewis, the honorary auditor, explained the main items on the Balance Sheet and congratulated the Club on its flourishing and string financial position. The only note of criticism was the reduced percentage profit of the bar but this was no doubt due to the low prices of spirits although there had been a budget increase and loss due to burglary. A vote of thanks was given to the auditor and his usual gift of twelve golf balls.

The election of officers for the ensuing year then took place with the following results: President – Mr R P Chester, Captain – Mr D Pink, Vice-Captain – Mr L S Goodall. The rest of the Committee was elected and the Secretary and Auditor were re-elected.

It was agreed that the honorarium and travelling expenses for the past year paid to the Secretary should be £30.

The proposition brought forward by the Committee re the increase in fees was aired and a long discussion was opened. A letter received from Mr H W Clark was also read at this stage concerning a request for increased members subscriptions also the question of wages paid to the Greenkeeper. This second part re wages was automatically left for discussion by the newly-formed Committee. After much debate it was finally agreed that the question of a subscription increase should be considered by the Committee and in the event of them deciding to increase subscriptions to convene a special general meeting. During the discussion it was decided that a notice board be provided showing a few local rules particularly about commencing at the 1st and 10th tees and was left to the Greens Committee plus Mr Lewis.

The Secretary reported that Mrs West was presenting two trophies to the club in memory of her late husband.

Monday, July 1st, 1963 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the minutes the Secretary had received subscriptions from two of the three people he’d written to but not from the third who was still playing regularly during the week. It was agreed that a final notice be sent to the person giving them 28 days to pay their subscription.

The following were admitted to membership of the Club: G D Longman, K J Riley, Mrs Tullack, Mrs O’Shea. Miss Birtwistle, J Rangcroft, W Brown, Miss Whitehead, Cdr Mallinson, E G J Lumford, D W Walker, A T Barnes, W Blunden, R C Williamson, Mr & Mrs G Smith, G Burt, F Potter.

The question of entrance fees and subscriptions was discussed. The general opinion seemed to be that even if the Committee thought both were desirable before calling a general meeting some definite projects should be in mind which should help the proposals through. A main water supply to the course and the purchase of Cdr Dowdeswell’s land, about 15 acres south of the course which should be sufficient to make an eighteen hole course were carefully discussed. Finally it was agreed that the Secretary should contact the Water Company getting an estimate and full particulars and the Chairman to contact Cdr or Mrs Dowdeswell to get an option or first offer on the land in question.

The question of an increase of wages to Greenkeeper was discussed as a result of a letter from Mr H W Clark read at the AGM. The Secretary gave extracts of minutes from two meetings. March 1960 and May 1961, the first being a 10/- increase to £8-10-0 and the second £1-10-0 making £10 per week. It was pointed out that out of this sum £1-10-0 was allocated as steward, cleaning of the clubhouse, opening and closing of the clubhouse every day, etc. The views were expressed that whilst there had been no increase as Greenkeeper for two years, one couldn’t forget the less onerous duties during the winter months but everyone thought the duties as steward etc which included some duties by Mrs Reeves were underpaid. It was stated by Mr Valentine that a greenkeeper would be paid £14 per week these days and the Secretary stated the Alresford club paid £15 per week to Dedman as greenkeeper and some duties as steward. It was unanimously agreed that the combined wage should be £12 per week split as £9 greenkeeper £3 steward. The Secretary stated that Mr Reeves had mentioned that although he and his wife were members and paid the usual subscriptions, he had little time to play golf and could something be done about this. It was agreed to include in the above proposition that as long as Mr Reeves worked for the Club the annual subscriptions of he and his wife be waived.

It was agreed that a notice board about 4ft x 3ft should be prepared, the Chairman offering to get this done as cheaply as possible with information about the payment of green fees before playing, allowing the passage of two ball and foursomes through three or four ball matches, starting a game whilst players were on the 9th green and completing a round etc.. This board to be in addition to the small board re Today’s competition as proposed by the Ladies Committee.

Mr Valentine brought forward the question of insurance of Club trophies during the year and it was decided to try and obtain information from our insurance company.

The Social Committee, Greens Committee, Bar Committee were elected as last year and the Handicap Committee’s duties extended to include any duties of a Competitions Committee.

Mr Lutman mentioned the 1963 Open Meeting in September and it was agreed it would be an all-day mixed foursomes competition instead of two competitions in one day as in previous years.

The question of the annual dance was raised and it was agreed that the Secretary should approach Kimbells re suitable dates at the end of November and beginning of December.

Tuesday, August 6th, 1963 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the minutes the Chairman stated he had seen Cdr Dowdeswell of Shepherds Down Farm who had no intention of selling the land in question which in area was 25 acres. He had agreed however to let the Golf Club have the first offer in case he did change his mind. The Secretary reported upon his negotiations with the Water Company and was expecting further details with estimates of cost. It was necessary to have a booster pump as the golf course was higher than the reservoir. After further discussion it was thought that S.C.A.T.S. should be approached regarding an independent source of supply on the course.

In respect of the previous minute regarding the subscription of Mr & Mrs Reeves it was agreed that the current subscriptions should be refunded.

The various items re local rules and conditions to be painted on the notice board were discussed. The Chairman made a note of the items raised which he would arrange to be done.

Mr G Gregory of Fareham, Mr W H Wadham of Denmead and Mr Newbury of Bishop’s Waltham were admitted as members of the Club.

The Secretary reported that he had booked the Clifton Ballroom at Southsea for December 11th for the Annual Dance.

Regarding the insurance of the Club Trophies a letter was read from the Northern Assurance Group offering cover under the normal “All Risks” policy as a rate of 12/6 percent, this to operate whilst the trophies are in the personal custody of members. It was agreed that the trophies should be insured for a total of £200.

Mr Hall brought forward the question of the height of the rough in front of the new 5th tee saying that it should be cut. This was let to the discretion of the Greens Committee.

Points raised by Mrs Turner were agreed to namely that the course should be closed to visitors from 1pm to 4pm on Captain’s day and that arrangements could be made for a local professional to attend one afternoon a month to give lessons. All arrangements in this latter case to be made by the Ladies Section.

Monday, September 3rd, 1963 at the Clubhouse

The Secretary read a letter from the Engineer to the Portsmouth and Gosport Water Co. regarding the proposed water supply from the public mains. Unfortunately the head from the Company’s main is insufficient and that it would be necessary to install a booster pump. The cost of the 2 inch connection complete with valves, reinstatement etc. would be £93. The booster pump would cost £200 and the 11/2 ‘Moleplough’ polythene service pipe 7/- per yard. A discussion took place when it was estimated that the cost of bring main water to the course would be about £1000. There would be, in addition, the cost of laying pipes to the greens. It was decided to contact Messrs Green & Carter of Winchester, who were recommended by the Water Company, for further information.

The Open Meeting, due to place on Sunday, September 15th, was discussed and the Secretary stated the only items to be dealt with were to obtain suitable prizes. The Ladies Captain and Secretary agreed to get the first four prizes as it was though six golf balls each would make good third prizes.

The question of payment of further debentures was raised by Mr Goodall and it was agreed to leave this matter until the October meeting.

A letter was read from Mr Friend of Alton re the formation of a junior golf league (16-24 handicaps) and it was agreed to write saying the Club is interested and asking for further details.

The following persons were admitted to membership: Col. M Archdall of Meonstoke, Mr F B Quinn of Thornhill, Mr A F Down of Droxford.

Monday, October 7th, 1963 at the Clubhouse

A financial statement from the Open Meeting showed a loss of £1-0-10. Although the meeting had been successful it was considered that next year the open meeting would be better held jointly with the Ladies. Mrs Turner promised to bring this before the Ladies Committee.

The Secretary reported that another burglary had taken place on the night of October 5th but that very little had been stolen but the bar doors had been damaged.

The Secretary reported upon the position re the water supply and that he had met with Mr Green of Winchester and was awaiting his report also the report from the Southern Electricity Board. It was agreed to leave the matter until the next meeting.

A letter was read from Mr Pier of the Hants Alliance asking for a re-arranged fixture to be played at Corhampton on November 20th next and next year’s fixture to be held on Wednesday, 4th March. It was agreed to allow these fixtures.

The possibility of a burglar alarm was discussed and following this it was agreed that enquiries should be made from the G.P.O. re the installation of a telephone.

It was agreed that he following persons be elected members of the Club: Mr H M Howard of Fareham, Mrs R Blunden of Wickham, Mr W J Baker of Petersfield, Mr H Clark of Hambledon.

The Secretary reported that the balance at the bank today was £876-11-4 and that he hoped the remainder of this year’s expenditure could be covered by income still to come in. It was agreed that £200 be paid to the holding company towards the repayment of debentures.

Under any other business, Mr Valentine brought forward the conditions of the greens stating they had not been aerated properly for some years. He brought samples of peat, fertilizer and sand stating that he was prepared to do this work, the cost of materials being about £60. It was agreed that something must be done and was let in the hands of Mr Valentine to this commenced after the Hants Alliance meeting on November 20th. It was suggested that outside labour be engaged to do the heavy work of spiking.

It was agreed not to hold the monthly meetings during the winter months, any meeting to be called when the Captain and Secretary though it advisable.

A letter was read from Cdr. Dowdeswell of Shepherds Down in reply to the letter sent by the Secretary re the fence erected on Club property. He stated that the fence was put in the easiest place to keep his pigs enclosed and as the pigs would be moved from the field next spring he hoped he could keep the fence there for the present. This was agreed to.

Tuesday, December 3rd, 1963 at Mr Pink’s office, the Saw Mills, Wickham Road, Fareham.

Arising from the minutes the Secretary read a letter from the telephone manager at Southampton stating the current business rate rental would be £4 per quarter plus an installation fee of £10. A discussion ensued regarding the use of the phone normally and the assistance in case of burglar alarms. It was agreed that no further action would be taken at present.

The Secretary reported that a burglary had taken place at the Club Premises the previous night and that goods, principally Babychams to the value of £4 had been stolen.

The secretary explained he had been unable to obtain a license from the local magistrates for longer than one year due to the views of the Chief Fire Officer although agreement had been reached on the site two days before the hearing. A letter was read from the Chief Fire Officer and it was agreed (1) The Calor gas cylinder to be removed to the cupboard underneath the tank which would provide outside access only to the cylinder. Further that the cupboard would need lining with asbestos. (2) Not to provide Calor gas heaters as at present in view of the possibility of obtaining electricity. (3) To provide a two gallon fire extinguisher.

The following persons were admitted to membership of the Club: Mr P F Harris of West End, Mr & Mrs F H Collins of Southsea.

The Secretary reported that he had not heard from the County Secretary regarding the amended standard scratch score of the course and that the printing of the new cards would have to wait.

The final arrangements for the Dance to be held on the 11th were discussed and it was decided that £5 should be provided by the Club for the purchase of prizes for the raffle, this in addition to items donated by members.

The question of a “combined” Open Meeting to be held early in June was mentioned and it was agreed that the Ladies Day could be run by the ladies, any profit going to the Ladies Section.

The Secretary presented a quotation from Green and Carter Ltd. of Winchester for the provision of a water supply at the course. Scheme No 1 provided for a 2 inch connection from the Water Company’s main situate in the Swanmore Road about a mile away, building meter pit and filling meter, providing and laying 1700 yards of 11/2 inch heavy gauge polythene piping 2ft 6in deep in verge, building underground tank of 2000 gallons capacity, pump house and complete pressure pumping set with a capacity of 500 gallons per hour and 600 yards of 2 inch heavy polythene, 250 yards of 11/2 inch and 520 yards of 1 inch piping as distribution mains to the various greens, for the sum of £1955. Scheme No 2 was for sinking an 8 inch borehole to a depth of 400 feet, concrete pit with manhole cover and frame, supplying and fixing one 18 C4S Sumo submersible pump and 3 hp motor pump with a capacity of 675 gallons per hour plus distribution mains as per Scheme No 1, for the sum of £1807. A quotation was also read from the Southern Electricity Board stating that a minimum annual revenue of £76 for the first five years plus a contribution of £572 towards the capital cost of the work. A long discussion ensued, the facts of payment for meter rent and the cost of water, the possibility of prohibition of water just when it was required, the benefits of electricity and water for use in the Clubhouse, the modernisation of sanitary accommodation were all discussed. The meeting was in unanimous agreement that both a water scheme (No 2) and electricity should be proceeded with. Finally it was agreed that the second scheme be adopted. It was also agreed that a sub-committee be formed to examine the schemes and the best method of financing the same.