Minutes 1962

Extracts from the Minutes for 1962

List of Meetings

  • Monday, January 15th, 1962 at the Clubhouse
  • Sunday, April 8th, 1962 at the Clubhouse
  • AGM, Sunday, April 29th, 1962
  • Monday, June 4th, 1962 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, July 2nd, 1962 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, August 16th, 1962 at the Clubhouse.
  • EGM, Sunday, August 19th 1962 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, October 1st, 1962 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, November 5th, 1962 at the Clubhouse
  • Monday, December 3rd, 1962 at the Clubhouse

Monday, January 15th, 1962 at the Clubhouse

The Secretary reported that for the first time a profit had been made at the Open Meeting amounting to £6-14-10.

A long and thorough discussion took place regarding the purchase of a tractor which had been agreed at the last meeting. It was agreed that the question of a tractor be deferred for the time being and the cutting of the rough be dealt with at the end of February or early March.

It was agreed that the gang-mowers and other machines be overhauled by the Fareham Engineering Co..

The Secretary mentioned that Mr Lewis on behalf of the Directors had mentioned the payment of Debentures and suggested that if it was agreed to he would prefer to have it this month than the middle of the year. It was agreed to that £200 be paid to the Holding Company for the purpose of paying off debentures.

A letter was read from Mrs Banting and Mrs Reeves that in view of the services performed on behalf of the Ladies Section that Mrs A Valentine be made a Life Member of the Club. It was agreed to put this proposition before the AGM recommending its approval.

The following applications for membership were approved: Mr R Bull, Capt. W Pike, Mr F Bruce, Mr R Barley of Bishop’s Waltham.

A plan prepared by the Secretary showing the proposed alterations to the Clubhouse and Bar was displayed. After discussion it was agreed to invite tenders from Mr Banting and Mr Hall.

The Secretary reported that although he had not yet got all the ticket money in, he forecast a profit of between £70 and £80 would be made.

A discussion took place regarding the recent wintry weather and the fitness of the course for play, when it was agreed that Mr Reeves, the greenkeeper, should be the sole judge whether or not the course was fit for play.

It was agreed that the permission for County Cards should be altered as soon as possible to prohibit free play on the course on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Mr Hall reported that he had been approached regarding the charge that would be made if a Golfing Society made application for a block membership. It was agreed that on a 5 1/2 day week basis ( excluding Sundays, Saturday afternoons and Bank Holidays) the subscription would be four guineas and no entrance fee.

Sunday, April 8th, 1962 at the Clubhouse

The Captain said that the he had been informed by the Fareham Engineering Co. that it would cost approx. £60 to overhaul the gang mowers so therefore he had done nothing further. It was agreed that alternative quotations be obtained.

Mr Lewis explained the accounts. He said that the Club had had a wonderful year, the only disquieting item being the machine from the arrangement the owner had with the Club and the small amount of income derived from it. The green fees had created another record amount and the future looked very promising. It was proposed that a vote of thanks be given to Mr Lewis and also to Mr Goodall, the Chairman of the Holding Company, who also attended the meeting.

Tenders for the new bar and kitchen from Messrs Hale Bros (Bishop’s Waltham) Ltd. and Messrs F Banting Ltd. were opened which amounted to £572 and £540 respectively. The Secretary briefly explained the specification stating the p.c. items amounted to £65 which included £40 for shutters and £25 for a new bar counter and shelving. After hearing from the auditor it was unanimously agreed to accept the lowest tender and the proposal to be put before the AGM in due course as a motion from the Committee. It was agreed to apply for planning approval.

The following applications for membership were agreed: R J Hall of Waterlooville, Michael Hall (Junior member), W P Seaton of Southampton, F P Bishop of Hedge End, Capt. R R Stewart of Droxford, W E Short of Warnford, G A Leech of Bishop’s Waltham, J E Brooks of North Boarhunt, J Cockayne of Sarisbury Green.

It was decided to hold the AGM on Sunday, April 29th.

The Secretary reported upon the burglary which took place on Wednesday evening, March 28th.

The question of Tee Boxes was discussed and the Captain agreed to supply them.

It was also agreed to extend the lighting in the Ladies Room, repair chairs, provide additional tanks and do the paving with the extensions.

AGM, Sunday, April 29th, 1962

The meeting took place at the clubhouse and 38 members attended.

The Captain presented his report upon the club’s various activities. Ten matches had been played, five won, four lost and one drawn and he thanked all players for giving him their full support. Regarding the course he reported upon the work done to the alternative tees and was pleased that the tees had fully recovered. On the social side the Captain recalled the first venture in holding a dance in Southsea and from the social and financial side he hoped his successor would continue it. The Open Meeting had been an unqualified success with record entries. Mr Pink expressed his thanks to the honorary Secretary, the general committee, Mr Reeves the greenkeeper, Mrs Reeves for refreshments generally and club matches, Mrs Lindley, the Ladies Captain, and the Ladies section who had all contributed to making his year as Captain a happy and enjoyable one. He concluded by thanking Mr Valentine for donating a trophy for the annual match between the ladies and gentlemen. The Captain’s report was received with acclamation.

Mr Lewis, the honorary auditor, explained the balance sheet and the main items. It was agreed that he be given a hearty vote of thanks for his services and that the usual gift of golf balls should be made to the honorary auditor.

The election of officers took place with the following results: President – Mr R P Chester, Captain – Mr C F Lutman, Vice-Captain – Mr D Pink. The rest of the committee was elected as was the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer – Mr F Lindley, Honorary Auditor – Mr A G P Lewis.

It was agreed that the honorarium paid to the secretary and treasurer should be £30.

Mrs Valentine retired from the meeting whilst item 8 was discussed and upon her return she was informed that it was unanimously agreed that she should be elected a Life-member of the Club. Mrs Valentine suitably responded.

Mr Pink then introduced the item dealing with the extension of the kitchen and bar pointing out the necessity and advantages of the proposal. He stated the Club’s financial position could stand the cost and on behalf of the Committee he strongly advocated the proposal. A thorough discussion ensued. On a show of hands resulting in 20 for and 8 against it was decided to extend the bar and kitchen as per the exhibited plan and specification.

Monday, June 4th, 1962 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the minutes an estimate amounting to £141 from Applied Power Ltd. of Denmead for thoroughly overhauling the gang mowers was received and it was decided to ask the Fareham Engineering Co. to make an inspection and submit a quotation. A discussion arose regarding the upkeep and care of the machines took place when it was stated the gang mowers spent most of their time outside and it was agreed that the Green Committee should see that the machinery was put under cover before the winter.

The following persons were admitted to membership of the Club: Mr G F Johnson of Southampton along with Peter and James Johnson as Junior members, C J Hartley of Swanmore, W J C Hunt of Fareham, L J Evans of Gosport.

The secretary reported that a burglary took place on May 14th when an appreciable amount of stock was stolen and that the plate glass window had been maliciously broken.

The election of members to the Green Committee, Handicap Committee, Social Committee and Bar Committee took place.

The Secretary reported that he had received an invoice from T Parker & Son Ltd. for a reconditioned Ransome Overgreen Tractor complete with extras for £130. One or two members said that they had seen the machine in use on the course and could not understand how it was there as it had not been authorised by the Committee. The Secretary said it had been casually mentioned to him by the Greenkeeper and that he had advised an application to the Committee. Mr Valentine said that it was a machine that he had always advocated but he was most annoyed by the way it had been obtained. It was stated that Mr Reeves had paid for it himself. Most members expressed their views and it was agreed that the Overgreen be purchased. It was agreed that the Secretary should talk to the Greenkeeper expressing the dissatisfaction with his action and that the machine must be looked after.

Mr Valentine suggested that the Dennis mower should be sold but in view of its usefulness and the price likely to be obtained it should be kept and kept in order.

Views regarding regular meetings at any rate during the summer months were put forward and it was agreed that meetings be held on the first Monday in the month commencing in July.

Monday, July 2nd, 1962 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the minutes a tender was received from the Fareham Engineering Co for overhauling the gang mowers at a cost of £75. It was agreed that this price be accepted and that the work should be done at the end of October.

The Chairman said he had received a letter of complaint from Mr Valentine but as he was not present he had decided to leave it till the next meeting,

The question of soil etc. being dumped near the tees on the 5th was mentioned and it was decided to leave this matter to the Green Committee.

The date and venue of the annual dance was discussed and it was agreed to hold it at Clifton’s Ballroom, Kimbells, Southsea either on Wednesday, December 5th or Friday, December 7th.

It was agreed to hold on Open Meeting on Sunday, September 16th or 23rd with the same arrangements as last year.

A letter was received from Mrs West offering to donate a trophy to be called the West Trophy for mixed foursomes play. This was accepted with thanks and it was decided that this year to hold it on one Sunday but in future years to be run on the Knock-out principle. Further details would be decided by Mrs West i.e. selection of partners.

Bearing in mind that the date of the next meeting would be August Bank Holiday it was decided to hold it on the second Monday in August.

Monday, August 16th, 1962 at the Clubhouse.

Arising form the minutes the Green committee reported that it was their opinion the earth, chalk etc. deposited near the Gents’ tee on the 5th should be spread and levelled near the Ladies’ tee. It was further agreed this must be done mechanically and the Chairman said he would contact Mr Cooper of Fareham to see if he would do it at a reasonable cost. The Committee considered improvements to the 7th tee were more desirable than the 5th and it was agreed the Green Committee would meet at 6pm on Sunday next and have a general look at the course and include the 7th.

The Secretary reported that he had booked Kimbell’s Clifton Ballroom for Wednesday, December 5th. the question of menus was mentioned and pending a clarification of this quotation with last year’s prices it was agreed to leave this until the next meeting.

The secretary reported that he had fixed the Open Meeting for Sunday, September 23rd and that bills and particulars had bee circulated.

The Secretary reported the immediate action he had taken in summoning a general meeting on Sunday, August 19th to amend and introduce new rules. This was due to the new licensing procedure for clubs under the 1961 Act. This action was confirmed and it was agreed that when all was settled the new rules should be printed and circulated to all full members. Arising from this discussion the Committee decided that the hours for the sale of intoxicants should be the maximum prescribed i.e. Weekdays: 11:30am – 2:30pm and 4:30pm – 10:30pm; Sundays, Good Friday and Christmas Day: Noon-2pm and 6:30pm – 10pm or such earlier hours as the Committee shall decide.

The Chairman bought forward the risks and possible liability of persons other than the Greenkeeper, using the various items of equipment particularly as they were not paid by the club. It was decided to find out particulars from the insurance company.

Mr Hall brought forward the bad condition of the tees particularly some of the temporary ones, saying they should be properly repaired throughout the year. The Green Committee promised to look into this next Sunday.

It was agreed to allow the Hants Alliance the courtesy of the course on Thursday 21st February 1963.

EGM, Sunday, August 19th 1962 at the Clubhouse

The meeting was attended by 15 members.

The secretary read the notice convening the meeting which he had sent to members:

“The technicalities of the Licensing Act, 1961 are such that it is necessary to amend the Rules of the Club so as to provide for the supply of intoxicants at the Club premises on the widest scope, i.e. Members of visiting Club or Team, Golfers on payment of the appropriate green fee etc.

Accordingly please take notice that there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting at the Clubhouse on Sunday, 19th August, 1962 at 8pm when it will be proposed that the Rules of the Club be amended as follows :-

1. New Rule 9 to replace old Rule 9 re Guests.
9 – Temporary Associates
(a) Members and Lady Members of any recognised Golf Club, upon producing to the secretary, if required, sufficient evidence of such membership, shall upon payment of the prescribed fee be admissible to use the Clubhouse and course as Temporary Associates.
(b) Members of any visiting Club or Team officially invited, and
(c) Golfers on payment of the appropriate green fee, and
(d) Those invited by the Club to participate in Golf shall be Temporary Associates for the period of their visit.
2. New Rule 18 to replace old Rule 18 re Supply of Intoxicant Liquors
18 – Intoxicant Liquors
The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicant liquor shall be such as may be from time to time determined by the Committee of the Club in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Act, 1961, as amended by any subsequent legislation.
3. Add new Rule 25 as follows:-
25 – Admission and Sale of Intoxicants to Non-Members
Subject to any restrictions which may form time to time be imposed by the Committee, the following persons shall be entitled to admission to the Club premises and to purchase intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises viz:
(i) Those persons within Rule 9.
(ii) Those taking table meals in the Club premises
(iii) Those attending any function at the Club in whatever capacity
(iv) Caddies and Club Employees
(v) Bona fide guests of members and of those persons within categories (i) to (iv) above.”

After a short discussion it was agreed that the three new rules enumerated by the Secretary and printed in the Agenda be adopted.

Monday, October 1st, 1962 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the minutes the Secretary state that the profit from the Open Meeting was £9-1-3 which was £2-2-11 better than 1961. The members expressed satisfaction and a note of appreciation from the Greenkeeper to the helpers of the Open Meeting was read. A short discussion re splitting the Open Meeting into two days i.e. Saturday and Sunday took place and it was agreed to leave this question until the 1963 Open was decided upon.

With reference to the menu for the Annual Dance at Kimbells it was agreed that a similar menu as last year be agreed at the inclusive charge of 15/6 per head.

It was agreed that the Greenkeeper should bring to the notice of those members who exercise their dogs on the course the extra work entailed in raking bunkers etc..

The main business of the meeting was to discuss a letter received from Mr J W A Newhouse of Hazelholt who was giving up the cultivation of the three pieces of land on the course stating that he was unable to get an economic yield. The general use of the land was discussed, whether to farm it, let it to a farmer or grass it down for the hay crop, or use the portion near the 9th as and extended 9th hole but finally it was agreed to leave the matter until the November meeting.

The secretary was asked to write to the Rabbit Clearance Society stating that rabbits on the course seemed to be increasing.

Monday, November 5th, 1962 at the Clubhouse

Arising from the minutes a further discussion ensued regarding the three portions of cultivated ground and what should be done with them. Unfortunately Mr Clark was not present as he had agreed to consider a possible extension of the 9th hole. It was agreed something would have to be done to prevent complaints re weeds. It was agreed unanimously that Mr Pink should find out the cost of levelling from Mr Gamblin and also see Mr Hall the farmer with a possible view of him taking over the land on the same terms as the last occupier, Mr Newhouse.

A letter was read from Mr Lewis of the Holding Company asking whether a repayment would be made this year and if so to be made before December as it might be possible to get interest waived. After hearing from the Secretary regarding the financial position it was agreed that a sum of £200 be paid to the Holding Company towards the repayment of debentures.

A letter was read from the Rabbit Clearance Society stating the operators would be with us in a fortnight.

A discussion on tee, repair of same and the winter programme took place. It was thought that repairs to the tees should be done by an expert and Mr Connolly of Fareham was mentioned. It was agreed that the normal tees should be closed for repairs, the alternative tees be brought into use and that temporary tees to be provided in front or on the side of the regular tees.

In view of the Dance it was decided to hold the monthly meeting in December and then leave meetings until the spring, emergencies excepted.

Monday, December 3rd, 1962 at the Clubhouse

The only item for discussion was the annual dance to be held at Southsea on the following Wednesday. The Secretary explained the situation from his point of view and the Captain said he was satisfied regarding the prizes which had been donated for the ‘Draw’.