The Payton Tankard Trophy

Medal competition

This is a medal play, qualifying competition mlayed from the white tees off full handicap. It is played during May in one division.

Pip Payton was Senior captain in 1971 and the secretary of the club in the 1970’s. He has been branch manager of Lloyd Bank. He died in 1986. His ashes were scattered on the course. A new competition and trophy, the Payton Tankard for 75’s & over, was introduced in 2018.

The Payton Tankard Trophy

Pip Payton

1972C. B. Cottam1992M. Collings2012Brian Harvey
1973C. B. Cottam1993A. J. R. White2013John Beardall
1974E. Linford1994R. Tugwell2014Trevor Tollervey
1975no award1995G. Swain2015Roy Chequer
1976E. Houghton1996D. Frost2016StanTaylor
1977G. Kell1997R. Alexander2017Tim Law
1978E. P. H. Payton1998W. Goodchild2018Bob Reeder
1979J. Welton1999P. Ryde2019Bob Peacock
1980W. T. Harris2000D. Meadus2020Tony Aldrich
1981G. Kell2001J. Young2021Stuart Goode
1982P. Farmer2002B. Dannan2022Roger Holmes
1983L. White2003M. White2023Barry Painter
1984N. Highton2004D. White2024
1985T. Prentice2005F. C. Thompson2025
1986J. Damant2006A. Buchanan2026
1987G. Corbett2007A. Harden
1988G. Corbett2008J. Knight
1989E. Leggett2009M. Hall
1990M. Collings2010Geoff Staley
1991H. Ward2011Keith Waldron