Ken Cantle Interviews – Senior Men’s Secretary for 19 years

Whats in a name

  Looking through the club diary I was struck by the variety of surnames listed which gives rise to the following scenario.

  Imagine a prospective new player first of all requiring finance to start our relatively expensive game.

       Firstly for finance he could approach one of our BANKS with view to BORROW or obtain a GRANT-or a private approach to the estate of HOWARD HUGHES. Having obtained the necessary RICHES he would visit a sports store to purchase IRONS,  WOODS and a FRISBY for the grandchildren together with a JACK for a bowls playing friend. During DAY LIGHT hours possibly afterNOON he would play his first round after which thoughts turn to food. How spoilt for choice for we have the following-MILLER BAKER COOK. So now for the menu-rollmop HERRING followed by slices of BULLOCK topped with gravy BROWNING accompanied by king EDWARDS chips.

(much better than anything offered by MACDONALDS).For sweet what better than ROLY poly filled with CHIVERS jam. Finish with cheddar cheese and JACOBS cream crackers. After this feast a glass of ANDREWS liver salts might be appropriate!!

John Browning

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