Mixed Foursomes Competition

F.L. Bunce Trophy

Donated :F L Bunce – captain 1956.
Format:Mixed Foursomes Medal. Enter as a pair. LADIES SECTION TO ORGANISE. Seven day members only. Mens’ card. Medal tees, Catering to follow
Handicap:Full allowance.
Allowance:Half the combined. Limited to 18 strokes.
Entry:Entry sheet on Ladies’ noticeboard. £1 each paid plus cost of catering in Ladies’ Competition Box before closing date. If not paid by closing date, name withdrawn.
All cards including NIL returns to be signed and returned to Golf Lounge.
Penalty for breach of rulesDisqualification
Distribution of entry fees: 10% Replicas and engraving (to Secretary’s office) Remainder to be distributed as prizes. Number of prizes dependant upon number of entries.
BYE-LAW 10B (4 card rule) applies.
1972G. F. Smith & Mrs A. Evelyn
1973M. J. Fletcher & Miss L. Fletcher
1974N. Taylor & Mrs N. Wilson
1975N. Taylor & Mrs N. Wilson
1976Mrs S. Harris & Mrs B. Lay
1977T. Cooper & Mrs B. Sharrock
1978K. Collins & Mrs M. Collins
1979R. Allen & Mrs B. Sharrock
1980J. Heathcote & Mrs I Heathcote
1981G. Wood & Mrs B. Wood
1982R. Goble & Mrs G. Pickett
1983W. G. Smith & Mrs W. G. Smith
1984I. Borrow & Mrs C. Pinhorn
1985G. Wood & Mrs B. Wood
1986T. Dominy & Mrs L. Dominy
1987L. Link & Lady E. Mackinlay
1988A. McDonald & Mrs M. McDonald
1989C. L. Andrew & Miss L. Flesher
1990M. Chamberlain & Mrs V. Andrew
1991K. Jackson & Miss L. Flesher
1992J. Yeates & Mrs D. Gibson
1993A. McDonald & Mrs M. McDonald
1994J. Yeates & Mrs P. Yeates
1995B. Searle & Mrs V. Andrew
1996J. Yeates & Mrs P. Yeates
1997M. Didymus & Mrs M. Didymus
1998H. Cope & Mrs S. Cope
1999R. Johnston & Miss D. Starkie
2000W. Barter & Mrs K. Sankey
2001Mr & Mrs T. Thew
2002S. Kattenhorn & Mrs P. Richards
2003M. Adlam & Mrs G. Thornton
2004C. Tarmey & Mrs J. Tarmey
2005A. Peters & Ms. M. Glover
2006C. Mottram & Mrs M. Mottram
2007A. Peters & Mrs. G. McMillan
2008C. Sullivan & Mrs. P. Raymond
2009Emma Allen & Bob Johnston
2010Pauline Raymond & Colin Sullivan
2011Pauline Raymond & Colin Sullivan
2012Dale Hinton & Mick Adlam
2013Kathryn & Nic Holladay
2014Val Andrew & John Barrett
2015Sue Jarman & Adam Reid
2016Sue Jarman & Adam Reid
2017Not played
2018John Barrett & Georgina Erskine
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