Course Rating Volunteers from Corhampton  2020

For more information on the New World Handicap System visit: World Handicap System – England

Corhampton Course Rating Volunteers

The World Handicap System is expected to launch sometime in 2020. It is designed to give all golfers a handicap which is portable around the world. The new system will include ‘Course Rating and Slope Rating’. Course rating tells scratch golfers how difficult the course will be; slope rating tells bogey golfers how difficult it will be.
A group of approximately 24 volunteers from Hampshire are in the process of carrying out the course and slope rating so that by the end of 2020 all courses in Hampshire will be given a course and slope rating.
We have 9 volunteers from Corhampton who are part of the Hampshire Team who regularly visit clubs who have not yet been rated.
A great contingent of volunteers from Corhampton!!