Corhampton Past Captains v Waterlooville Past Captains – 1978

The Corhampton past captains met with the Waterloville past captains every other year at Corhampton.  This was an event started by Reg Terry who was Waterlooville captain in 1978, the same time as I was.  Below is the menu from the inaugural event.  At the dinner we would sit around in a square facing each other. At the end of the meal we each took it in turns to tell a story.  The competition for the applause and story was as equal to the actual golf match.

List of attendees:  Bob Harvey, Wally Pinhorn, John Wright, Dennis Hills, Ken Ashman, George Davis, Bruce Jackson, George Smith,
Alan Haigh, Sid Knights, Cyril White, Bob Pitman, John Dewar, John Heathcote, Tommy Smyth, Tug Wilson, Reg Terry, Derek Walder, Abi More,
George Wood, Mike Lutman, Jim Selby, Michael Dunne.