Valentine Statuette

Mixed 4 BBB Medal Competition

Donated:Mr and Mrs Valentine.
Format:From 1969 to 1986 – Ladies vs Gentlemen match.
From 1987 – Mixed 4 BBB Medal. Drawn partners – mixed gender where possible. Open to five day members. Ladies card. Medal tees.
 Usually played on August Bank Holiday Monday (pm).
1987A. Keefe & Mrs J. Buchanan2004D. Goodlake & Mrs S. Jarman2021Competition not played
1988D. Meadus & Mrs V. Wrate2005D. Bittles & Mrs Margaret Collins2022Anna Jacobs & Steve Griffin
1989K. Gatrall & Mrs L. Dovey2006M. Jarman & Mrs T. Hill2023Not played
1990D. Wellman & Mrs M. Meadus2007A. Peters & Mrs M. Speed2024
1991??2008A. Peters & Mrs J. Martin2025
1992D. Cook & Mrs Y. Davies2009Not played2026
1993A. Clotworthy & Mrs H. Keefe2010Paula Richards & Trevor Martin
1994G. Phillips & Mrs H. Gibson2011Margo Glover & Kev Richards
1995D. Hunt & Mrs C. Waterman2012Margaret Collins & Trevor Martin
1996T. Crabb & Mrs J. Hounsham2013Anne Chambers & Ray Hartley
1997J. Bullock & Miss C. Cheesman2014Cancelled (weather)
1998K. Collins & Mrs K. Matthews2015Not played
1999H. Cope & Mrs I Phillips2016Margaret Collins & Kevan Tate
2000H. Dowson & Miss D. Starkie2017Not played
2001R. Howard & Mrs P. Bentote2018Frances McMahon & Nic Holladay
2002M. Jarman & Mrs P. Thew2019Not recorded/not played
2003R. Morfill & Mrs E. White2020Not played (Covid)