Whitbread Cup (Captain’s Day)

Singles Stableford Competition (Div 2)

Purpose:The winner of the Captain’s Day (Men’s) Div2 competition
Format:Individual stableford
Trophy:Silver Cup on a black base

Whitbread Cup

1992C. Cavill2012Chris Tarmey
1993H. Daysh2013Dave Humphries
1994J. K. Young2014Chris Pascoe
1995G. Palmer2015Peter Vaughan
1996D. Richards2016Keith York
1997P. Tickner2017Barry Rowe
1998I. Clue2018Steve Terry
1999A. George2019B Forest-Chard
2000J. E. Young2020Not played (Covid-19)
2001C. Bingham2021Not played
2002J. Foot2022Not played
2003P. Keen2023Not played
2004A. Brown2024
2005K. Brackstone2025
2006D. Boase2026
2007C. W. Reeves2027
2008K. Gatrall2028
2009Alan Wassall2029
2010John Utting2030
2011John Anderson2031