Victor Ludorum

The Victor Ludorum will reward the best performer in the major Mens handicap events, over the summer, between April and September, inclusive

The winner of the Victor Ludorum will be the top points earner from the best 6 score, irrespective of the division they play in.

Competitors can move divisions, during the year, as their handicap changes

FormatTop 8 individual places, in each division, and players reaching the Quarter Final stages of Kock-out events, will be awarded points, which will be used to establish the winner of this event (i.e. most points scored in 6 from 11 qualifying competitions)
2016Rob Christie
2017Paul Wainwright
2018Lee Hazledene
2019Rob Christie
2020Not awarded
2021James Richards
2022Alan Baker
2023Bryan Wright

Qualification Process

Qualifying Competition
Reeves Trophy4BBB2 Divisions
Stan Shaw Trophy Medal2 Divisions
M J Dunne CupMedal2 Divisions
Corhamptun Trophy Stableford2 Divisions
Captains DayStableford2 Divisions
Club ChampionshipMedal
McDonald CupDivision 1
Goble CupDivision 2
Haigh CupDivision 3
Rob Cooper MemorialMedal2 Divisions
BosworthMedal2 Divisions
Grand PrixMedal2 Divisions
Valentine Trophy Knockout(Singles)
T F Nicolas Trophy Knockout(Pairs)
PointsPosition in each divisions (Medal or Sableford)Knock out
16032 x Losing Semi-Final
150 points
14044 x Losing Quarter-Final
90 points
NotesRegarding Victor Ludorum
1ln pairs 4BBB competition the points will be allocated 50/50 to each competitor
2In the event of tied scores at the end of the competition the positions will be decided based on;
a. Number of competitions won then;
b. Fewest number of scoring events counted then;
c. Player to post best Nett 36 hole score in the Club Championship
(irrespective of division) then;
d. An 18 hole match play which will go to extra holes until a winner is found
3Open to 7-day members only as several VL qualifying events are held at the weekend so it is not be appropriate for 5-day members.
Bye Law 118 – 3-card rule appliesAll cards (in stroke play competitions) including nil returns are to be returned in accordance with Rule 6.6.b. Penalty for breach of rules can be disqualification.