John Wright Invitation Trophy

4 BBB Stableford Competition (Members and Guests)

Inaugurated 1976
Donated : John Wright (Captain 1972 and Club President 1983-1987)
1976J. Miller &
M. Miller
1996D. Searle &
A. White
2016John Ceaplen &
Colin Donnelly
1977D. Searle &
W. Adams
1997A. Riddle &
M. Taylor
2017Les Couzens &
Alan Clark
(Old Thorns)
1978A. Pearce &
A. Anderson
1998J. Addison &
J. Allen
2018A. Haines &
J. Reacher
1979W. Goodeve &
E. Webb
1999C. Mottram &
R. Howes
2019D McMahon &
J Larner
1980I. H. Kerr &
D. Marks
2000B. R. Butler &
T. M. Hicks
2020Not played (Covid-19)
1981M. J. Dunne &
B. Jackson
2001Rained off - not played2021Competition not played
1982F. Hartwell &
M. Cawley
2002W. Whitcher &
D. Baker
2022Competition not played
1983W. Adams &
T. Jamieson
2003A. Hillary &
G. Mason
2023Competition not played
1984S. Brown &
B. Eggerton
2004B. Johnston &
G. Hay
1985S. Brown &
B. Eggerton
2005A. Feltham &
D. Tose
1986S. Brown &
B. Eggerton
2006L. Couzens &
J. Stead
1987D. Broomfield &
C. Scott
2007P. Stratton &
M. Dennis
1988H. Irons &
N. Harris
2008W. Dunkley &
B. Hudson
1989J. Firth &
P. Woodings
2009Mike Hales &
T O'Neill
1990M. Wright &
S. Miller
2010Dave Platt &
Mark Chivers
1991A. McDonald &
A. Haskett
2011Mike Hales &
T O'Neill
1992J. Yeates &
J. McCauhey
2012Rained off - not played
1993D. Fox &
A. King
2013Dean Mills &
Martin Hobbs
1994B. Robinson &
T. Aftanas
2014Tom Futcher &
Kevin Pinnick
1995J. George &
B. Purdy
2015Dean Mills &
Martin Hobbs