George Davis Invitation Trophy

Pairs Aggregate Stableford Competition

Donated :George Davis (captain 1975) to commemorate the opening of the new 18 hole Golf Course in September 1975.

George Davis Invitation

1975M. J. Dunne1996B. Searle & D. Humphries2017Not played
1976K. Collins1997B. Searle & D. Humphries2018Not played
1977G. M. Staley & D. Carmichael1998G. Palmer & C. Stock2019P. Vaughan & C. Long
1978B. Searle & A. Long1999T. Drake & E. Edwards2020Not played (Covid-19)
1979D. Searle & F. Wilkins2000R. Wildig & M. Newman2021Competition not played
1980P. Farmer & A. France2001P. Storey & J. Urquart2022Competition not played
1981R. Griffin & K. Mills2002C. Sullivan & B. Hudson2023Competition not played
1982D. Richards & C. Coe2003B. Butler & P. Russell2024
1983S. Patterson & B. Dexter2004M. Adlam & J. Wardsmith2025
1984C. Cavill & P. Summers2005D. Platt & T. Hall2026
1985L. Winter & M. Dickinson2006M. Barber & A. Cornick2027
1986A. R. Gibson & S. Hopkins 2007A. Riddle & P. Mantell2028
1987P. Bennett & P. Griffin2008B. Hopkins & A. Feltham2029
1988A. Moore & L. Winter2009John Ellis & J Stead2030
1989E. Wren & M. Patience2010M Adlam & C Ashman2031
1990E. Wren & M. Patience2011Kevin Sage & Martin Sims2032
1991B. Searle & B. Richardson2012Andy Meek & Sean Lahey2033
1992C. Cavill & I. Alexander2013P Stratton & J Downer2034
1993T. Edmond & A. Cutler2014Alan Baker & Alex Clarke2035
1994E. Wren & M. Patience2015A Houston & R Cockburn2036
1995D. Goodlake & T. Thew2016Not played2037