Winter Eclectic

Winter Eclectic Competition

Donor:Mr. J.W. Valentine
Object: Introduced by Mrs. E. Junqua to encourage ladies to play winter golf.
Starts 1st October and continues until end of March.
Trophy:Silver Spoon – Golf Club/ball. Replaced with glass vase from 2014

Ladies Winter Eclectic

1969/70Mrs M Henning1991/92Mrs N Butt2013/14Jackie Richards
1970/71Not recorded1992/93Not recorded2014/15Anne Luetchford
1971/72Mrs P Fletcher1993/94Mrs G McMillan2015/16Anne Luetchford
1972/73Mrs K Smith1994/95Mrs E Butler2016/17Anna Jacobs
1973/74Mrs E Harris1995/96Mrs S Flesher2017/18Jan Norman
1974/75Mrs M Henning1996/97Mrs D Gibson2018/19Julie Morgan
1975/76Mrs S Harris1997/98Mrs D Gibson2019/20Julie Morgan
1976/77Mrs G Sjoberg1998/99Mrs D Gibson2020/21Not played - Covid
1977/78Mrs N Wilson1999/2000Mrs H Gibson2021/22Jackie Richards
1978/79Mrs N Wilson2000/01Kay Matthews2022/23Julie Morgan
1979/80Mrs J Young2001/02Sue Jarman
1980/81Mrs J Johnston2002/03Ellen O'Meara
1981/82Not recorded2003/04Ellen O'Meara
1982/83Mrs J Johnston2004/05Ellen O'Meara
1983/84Mrs F Wilson2005/06Jackie Feltham
1984/85Mrs N Butt2006/07Mary Thorp
1985/86Miss L Fletcher2007/08No competition
1986/87Miss L Fletcher2008/09Jackie Feltham
1987/88Miss L Fletcher2009/10Tricia Hill
1988/89Mrs E Borrow2010/11Paula Richards
1989/90Mrs A Elliott2011/12Pauline Bentote
1990/91Mrs A Elliott2012/13Sandra Lade