Valentine Key Trophy

Medal One Division

Inaugurated :1965
Donor:Mr. J.W. Valentine
Object:In memory of his wife.
Format:Medal – one division – played on one day.
Trophy:Boxed silver-gilt key (in office safe) Not to be removed from clubhouse.

Valentine Key

1965Mrs. E. McNeil1993Mrs I Phillips2021Denise Starkie
1966Mrs N. Wilson1994Miss K. Barter2022Margaret Nobes
1967Mrs P. Linnell1995Mrs S. Cope2023Kath Stewart
1968Miss D. Jacobs1996Mrs D. Hinton
1969Miss L. Fletcher1997Mrs Y. Davies
1970Mrs P. Linnell1998Miss M. Glover
1971Mrs E. Hale1999Mrs H. Gibson
1972Mrs E. Harris2000Mrs K. Sankey
1973Mrs A. Evelyn2001Mrs K. Matthews
1974Mrs A. Evelyn2002Miss M. Glover
1975Miss G. Fletcher2003Mrs E. Crapper
1976Mrs M. McDonald2004Mrs P. Richards
1977Mrs S. Harris2005Mrs D. Hinton
1978Mrs K. Smith2006Miss M. Glover
1979Mrs J. Young2007Miss C. Cheesman
1980Mrs F. Wilson2008Miss M. Glover
1981Mrs N. Butt2009Enid Crapper
1982Mrs M. McDonald2010Shirely Futcher
1983Miss D. Starkie2011Carol Jones
1984Miss D. Starkie2012Margo Glover
1985Mrs F. Johnson2013Anne Luetchford
1986Mrs B. Verrico2014Irene Hind
1987Mrs M. Henning2015Rachel Pelly
1988Mrs I. Phillips2016Nicola Fogg
1989Mrs M. McDonald2017Mary Thorp
1990Miss Y. Willett2018Margaret Collins
1991Mrs L. Dominy2019Chris Cheesman
1992Mrs P. Reed2020Denise Shaw