Elizabeth West Summer Eclectic

Eclectic Competition

Donor:Mrs. Elizabeth West
Object:Lowest net score over designated number of qualifying cards between 1st April to 30th September. First card MUST be scored over 18 holes. Used to better score of each hole.
Notes:Originally three full cards required but changed from 1.4.86 with Mrs. West’s permission to only one.
 Originally close relatives were not allowed to sign cards unless a third party countersigned (reversed 1982)
Trophy:Initially a large silver cup, since 2013 a glass vase. The silver trophy was reallocated to the Ladies Championship (Scratch) winner.
1963Mrs P. Turner1994Mrs L. Didymus
1964Mrs P. Turner1995Mrs Mary Collins
1965Mrs E. Banting1996Mrs S. Flesher
1966Mrs E. Banting1997Mrs Mary Collins
1967Mrs P. Fletcher1998Miss M. Glover
1968Mrs P. Fletcher1999Mrs S. Lade
1969Mrs E. Banting2000Mrs Margaret Collins
1970Mrs N. Wilson & Mrs P. Turner2001Mrs L. Harvey
1971Mrs N. Wilson2002Mrs V. Taylor
1972Mrs P. Turner2003Miss E. O'Meara
1973Mrs A. Evelyn2004Miss C. Cheesman
1974Mrs A. Evelyn2005Mrs P. Richards
1975Mrs N. Wilson2006Mrs P. Richards
1976Mrs S. Harris2007Mrs P. Richards
1977Mrs J.M. Collins & Mrs E. Harris2008Mrs G. Ashworth
1978Mrs K. Smith2009Sandra Lade
1979Miss J. Collins2010Margo Glover
1980Mrs E. Borrow2011Gill Ashworth
1981Mrs J. Johnston2012Sue Jarman
1982Miss L. Fletcher2013Sue Jarman
1983Mrs E. Borrow2014Jackie Richards
1984Mrs F. Wilson2015Jackie Richards
1985Miss J. Collins2016Kathryn Holladay
1986Mrs E. Borrow2017Anne Luetchford
1987Miss L. Fletcher2018Jackie Richards
1988Mrs I. Phillips2019Jackie Richards
1989Mrs E. Borrow2020No Competition - Covid
1990Mrs E. Borrow2021No competition - Covid
1991Mrs N. Butt2022Julie Morgan
1992Miss L. Fletcher2023Julie Morgan
1993Mrs D. Hinton