Stella Wright Invitation Trophy

18 hole stableford greensomes competition

Donor:Mrs. Stella Wright. (deceased)
Object:Was in existence priot to 1969 but new trophy presented.
Format:18 hole Stableford Greensomes. 3/8ths combined handicaps.
In 4s at 10 minute intervals.
Trophy:Tall Silver Cup with two handles (stolen 2013 and not replaced).
The Corhampton member was presented with the trophy – not the guest.

Stella Wright Trophy (original)

1986Y. Willett & R. Edyveau2011Pauline Raymond & Karen Mundy
1987E. Borrow & McErlain2012Liz Butler & Kate Mills
1988E. Borrow & M. Craig2013Sue Jarman & Heather Parham
1989S. Flesher & T. Griffiths2014Denise Starkie & Carole Roe
1990E. Borrow & M. Craig2015Denise Starkie & Guest
1991L. Dominy & B. Upfold2016Tammy Andrews & Guest
1992H. Gibson & H. Swanson2017Amanda Cousens & Kathryn McLaughlin
1993G. Pickett & S. Key2018Rachel Pelly & Jenny Duggal
1994L. Fletcher & J. D. Gray2019Kathryn Holliday & Carol Duckworth
1995E. Crapper & L. Cawley2020Not Played
1996P. Bullock & J. Fountain2021Alina Halliday & Sandy Meyers
1997E. White & D. Hampton2022Carol Bucknole & Sue Brisdon
1998I. Phillips & M. Barham2023Jackie Kershaw & Morna Jones
1999I. Phillips & N. Shand
2000J. M. Collins & J. D. Gray
2001M. Mottram & S. Knight
2002E. Borrow & K. Warner
2003M. Glover & J. Stuart
2004S. Mundy & M. Rook
2005S. Mundy & M. Rook
2006C. Cheesman & S. O'Shea
2007S. Smith & K. Kaplinska
2008No Competition
2009Enid Crapper & J Brown
2010Moira Downson & Maureen Lovett