Senior Ladies Trophy – Div 1

Stableford Senior Ladies Competition Division 1

Donor:Mrs. N. Wilson
Object:To encourage older lady members to play.
Format:Originally- points bogey 3/4 handicap.
Changed – AGM in 1979 to Stableford with drawn partners.
Two divisions – up to 25 – and 26 plus.
Open to members aged 55 upwards.
Revised Format:
(From 2014)
Lower age range raised to initially 60, then 65.
Divisions split by age, rather than handicap
Div 1: 65 to 69
Div 2: 70+
Special award for best score by someone aged 80+
Trophy:Two Silver Candlesticks – no engraving. One lost, replaced with 2 silver quaiches (stolen 2013). From 2014 replaced with 2 glass vases

Senior Ladies Trophies

1977 to 2013 – handicaps 25 and under

1977N Wilson1997E S Butcher
1978K Smith1998M Martin
1979J Young1999M Fisher
1980M Henning2000Pauline Thew
1981N Wilson2001Elizabeth Butcher
1982P Fletcher2002Christine Hardwick
1983F Wilson2003Jo Buchanan
1984C Taylor2004Sandra Lade
1985M MacKinlay2005Agnes Ellis
1986Not played2006Sue Mundy
1987M Henning2007Liz Butler
1988J Young2008Val Andrew
1989F Wilson2009Theresa Barber
1990M Henning2010Maureen Martin
1991F Wilson2011Jo Buchanan
1992D Gibson2012Maureen Martin
1993F Wilson2013Gill McMillan
1994Y Willett
1995M McDonald
1996I Phillips

2014 onwards – aged 65 to 69

2014Lin Dominy
2015Lin Harvey
2016Gill McMillan
2017Val Andrew
2018Lin Dominy
2019Liz Butler
2020Karen Ellis
2021Shirley Futcher
2022Elizabeth Fewtrell-Clark
2023Elizabeth Steel