Past Ladies Captain’s Trophy

Past Ladies Captains Stableford

Inaugurated :1980
Donors:Mrs Kay Smith (Ladies’ Captain)
Object:Golf followed by a lunch, to unite the Past Captain’s community.
Format:Stableford, qualifying
Trophy:Small Rose Bowl (thought lost in burglary 2013, but reappeared).
Glass replacement purchased but reallocated to Mixed Past Captain’s event after it’s trophy stolen (2021)

Past Captain’s Trophy

1980Mrs K Smith2000Mrs V Taylor2020Kathryn Holliday
1981Mrs N Butt2001Mrs E Borrow2021Gill Cooper
1982Mrs J M Collins2002Mrs I Phillips2022Anna Jacobs
1983Cancelled2003Mrs L Dominy
1984Cancelled2004Mrs E Borrow
1985Mrs J Haigh2005Mrs V Taylor
1986Mrs N Butt2006Mrs L Dominy
1987Mrs M Henning2007Miss C Cheesman
1988Mrs J Buchanan2008Mrs L Dominy
1989Mrs J Buchanan2009Gill McMillan
1990Mrs J Buchanan2010Chris Cheesman
1991Mrs J M Collins2011Val Power
1992Mrs N Butt2012Lin Dominy
1993Mrs J Buchanan2013Lin Dominy
1994Mrs J Buchanan2014Ivy Phillips
1995Mrs J M Collins2015Chris Cheesman
1996Mrs F Johnson2016Gill McMillan
1997Mrs D Gibson2017Tricia Hill
1998Mrs J Buchanan2018Chris Cheesman
1999Mrs J Buchanan2019Gill McMillan