Marlborough (Syd Whant) Trophy

Inter-Club Friendly against Marlborough

Inaugurated :1981
Donor :Captain of Marlborough after a Corhampton Away Day Visit.
Format:Inter-club competition held in alternate years on a home and away basis.
Winner holds trophy for one year
Trophy :The Syd Whant Trophy

Syd Whant Trophy

1989Marlborough (A)2000Corhampton (H)
1990Corhampton (H)2001Corhampton (A)
1991Corhampton (A)2002Corhampton (H)
1992Corhampton (H)2003Marlborough (A)
1993Marlborough (A)2004Corhampton (H)
1994Corhampton (H)2005Corhampton
1995Corhampton (A)2006Halved so trophy retained by Corhampton
1996Corhampton (H)2007Marlborough
1997Corhampton (A)2008Marlborough
1998Corhampton (H)2009Marlborough
1999Halved (A)