HLCGA Hull Shield

One Day Stroke Play Competition

Inaugurated :1907
Donor:Miss H C Hull
Format:One day, summer, as per HLCGA website.
HLCGA one day stroke-play competition. 2 combined medal scores.
Two Corhampton ladies nominated by Ladies’ Captain, plus two reserves.
Lowest combined nett scores win.
Handicap limit 26 at the time of entry
Notes :Not a Corhampton Trophy

Nominated entrants

1973E Banting &
N Wilson & A Evelyn
1993L Dominy &
B Johnston
2013Jo Buchanan &
Gill McMillan
1974N Wilson &
A Evelyn & K Smith
1994E Borrow &
I Phillips
2014Sue Jarman &
Paula Richards
1975P Linnell &
N Wilson & P Turner
1995K Barter &
L Flesher
2015Sue Jarman &
Chris Cheesman
1976N Wilson &
P Linnell & P Fletcher
1996S Flesher &
V Andrew
2016Judy Andrews &
Nicola Fogg
1977N Wilson &
P Linnell & S Harris
1997M Ayling &
D Gibson
2017Sue Jarman &
Tammy Andrews
1978N Wilson &
B Sharrock
1998E Borrow &
D Hinton
2018Liz Butler &
Tammy Andrews
1979N Wilson &
S Harris
1999Jo Buchanan &
Ivy Phillips
2019Tammy Andrews & Stevie Crozier Hunt
1980N Wilson &
J Collins
2000Jo Buchanan &
Ivy Phillips
2020Tammy Andrews & Denise Shaw
1981C Pinhorn &
S Harris
2001Chris Cheesman &
Maggie Howard
2021Tammy Andrews & Judy Andrews
1982E Borrow &
M Henning
2002Chris Cheesman &
Paula Richards
2022Tammy Andrews & Judy Andrews
1983N Wilson &
J Buchanan
2003Liz Butler &
Margo Glover
1984E Borrow &
C Pinhorn
2004Dale Hinton &
Theresa Barber
1985J Collins &
C Pinhorn
2005Dale Hinton &
Mary Collins
1986L Dominy &
J Collins
2006Liz Butler &
Lin Dominy
1987E Borrow &
C Pinhorn
2007Annabel Silk &
Ivy Phillips
1988S Harris &
I Phillips
2008Annabel Silk &
Kathy Stewart
1989J Buchanan &
E Borrow
2009Liz Borrow &
Emma Allen
1990L Dominy &
I Phillips
2010Gill McMillan &
Linda Fletcher
1991S Flesher &
L Flesher
2011Lorna White &
Jo Buchanan
1992E Borrow &
L Fletcher
2012Gill McMillan &
Linda Fletcher