Haigh Ladies Masters

Ladies ‘Champions of Champions’ event

Inaugurated:1991 Centenary Year
Donor:Centenary Ladies Captain, Joan Haigh and Ladies’ Section
Format:Winners from a list of nominated competitions qualify to play in this event for the ‘Champion of Champions’
Notes :Eligibility criteria has changed over time – details can be found in the Ladies Competition Directory
Trophy:Originally a silver cup with a wooden base. Lost in 2013 burglary.
Replaced with glass claret jug.

Haigh Trophy

1991Mrs L. Dominy2011Linda Fletcher
1992Mrs D. Hinton2012Georgina Erskine
1993Miss L. Fletcher2013Chris Cheesman
1994Miss D. Starkie2014Sue Jarman 
1995Miss D. Starkie2015Nicola Fogg
1996Mrs J. Buchanan2016Kathryn Holladay
1997Mrs M. Fisher2017Elizabeth Butler
1998Mrs M. Fisher2018Pauline Bentote
1999Mrs M. Fisher2019Pippa Maclean
2000Mrs M. Howard2020Tammy Andrews
2001Mrs L. Dominy2021Hatty Richardson
2002Mrs P. Richards2022Margo Glover
2003Mrs E. Butler2023Mary Thorp
2004Mrs E. Borrow
2005Ms. M. Glover
2006Mrs P. Richards
2007Miss G. Curtis
2008Mrs R. Moore
2009Helen Moore
2010Liz Butler