George Davis Flag Trophy

Flag Competition, One Division

Inaugurated :1976
Donor:Mr. George Davis
Format:Medal – Flag to be placed on fairway when strokes exhausted. One division.
For many years played in conjunction with a medal competition.
Trophy :Small trophy. No engraving. Lost in 2013 burglary.
Replaced with glass vase

The George Davis Flag

1976Miss L Fletcher1993Mrs Mary Collins2010Sandra Lade
1977Mrs S Harris1994Mrs Betty Johnston2011Jessica Moorhead
1978Mrs J Haigh1995Mrs N Dixon2012Cancelled
1979Mrs E Ralls1996Mrs M Martin2013Chris Cheesman
1980Mrs J Haigh1997Mrs J Lawrence2014Sue Jarman
1981Mrs E Borrow1998Miss M Glover2015Mary Thorp
1982Mrs F Wilson1999Miss D Starkie2016Rachel Pelly
1983Mrs S Cope2000Pauline Thew2017Stevie Crozier-Hunt
1984Mrs J Buchanan2001Lin Harvey2018Not played -insufficient entrants
1985Mrs S Searle2002Sandra Cope2019Anna Jacobs
1986Mrs Mary Collins2003Elizabeth Borrow2020Not played - Covid
1987Miss L Flesher2004Ellen O'Meara2021Denise Starkie
1988Mrs E Borrow2005Margaret Collins2022Rachel Pelly
1989Mrs V Andrew2006Alina Richardson2023Carol Bucknole
1990Miss D Starkie2007Denise Starkie
1991Mrs J Haigh2008Mary Speed
1992Mrs P Reed2009Sandra Lade