Garside Cup

Foursomes Matchplay Knockout Competition

Donor:Mrs. M. Garside
Object:Originally Bronze Section Knockout Matchplay Changed in 1989 with Mrs. Garside’s consent to:- Foursomes Match play Knockout, One player from the silver and the other from the bronze division (at the closing date for entries). Choice of partner.   
Trophy:Originally a silver cup, lost in 2013 burglary. Replaced with Glass bowl on a wooden plinth

Garside Trophy

1983Mrs J. M. Collins2011Sue Jarman & Julie Martin
1984Mrs B. Wood2012Anna Jacobs & Dale Hinton
1985Mrs N. Butt2013Chris Cheesman & Anne Luetchford
1986Mrs V. Andrew2014Margaret Collins & Jackie Kershaw
1987Mrs S. Flesher2015Chris Cheesman & Anne Luetchford
1988Miss K. Barter2016Sue Jarman & Gill Cooper
1989Miss Y. Willett & Miss K. Barter2017Kathryn Holladay & Rachel Pelly
1990Mrs I Phillips & Miss L. Fletcher2018Jackie Feltham & Margaret Nobes
1991Mrs I Phillips & Miss L. Fletcher2019Anna Jacobs & Frances McMahon
1992Mrs H. Gibson & Mrs N. Butt2020Not played - Covid
1993Mrs V. Taylor & Mrs D. Gibson2021Sandra Lade & Margaret Nobes
1994Mrs E. Borrow & Mrs B. Johnston2022Carol Bucknole & Nicky Knight
1995Miss C. Cheesman & Mrs M. Fisher2023Julie Morgan & Sandie Sleight
1996Mrs S. Flesher & Mrs S. Searle
1997Mrs G. McMillan & Mrs M. Mackinlay
1998Mrs E. Borrow & Miss M. Glover
1999Mrs E. Butler & Mrs H. Gibson
2000Mrs A. Russell & Mrs S. Cledwyn
2001Mrs C. Jones & Mrs L. Harvey
2002Mrs M. Howard & Miss G. Curtis
2003Mrs I. Phillips & Mrs T. Hill
2004Mrs D. Gibson & Mrs S. Lade
2005Miss C. Cheesman & Miss G. Curtis
2006Miss C. Cheesman & Miss G. Curtis
2007Mrs C. Jones & Mrs L. Harvey
2008Mrs S. Jarman & Mrs J. Martin
2009Dale Hinton & Ruth Moore
2010Gill McMillan & Jackie Feltham