Fletcher Handicap Trophy – Silver

Fletcher Handicap Silver Division

Donor:Mrs. P. Fletcher
Object:Best reduction in strokes of handicap within a calendar year. 2 divisions, silver and bronze – one trophy for each.
Trophy:Two small rose bowls on wooden bases.

Fletcher Trophy – Silver

1972Mrs N. Wilson1993Mrs M. Henning2014Mrs Paula Richards
1973Mrs A. Evelyn1994Miss K. Barter2015Mrs Nicola Fogg
1974Miss L. Fletcher1995Miss L. Fletcher2016Mrs Nicola Fogg
1975Miss L. Fletcher1996Mrs D. Hinton2017Mrs Denise Shaw
1976Miss L. Fletcher1997Mrs L. Didymus2018Miss Stevie Crozier-Hunt
1977Mrs S. Harris1998Mrs C. Coles2019Mrs Pippa Maclean
1978Miss J. Collins1999Miss A. Silk2020Miss Olivia Diment
1979Miss J. Collins2000Miss A. Silk2021Miss Hatty Richardson
1980Mrs E. Borrow2001Miss A. Silk2022Miss Hatty Richardson
1981Mrs E. Borrow2002Mrs Ellen O'Meara2023Miss Emily Hughes
1982Mrs K. Smith2003Mrs D. Hinton
1983Mrs M. Henning2004Mrs P. Richards
1984Mrs Mary Collins2005Miss K. Thompson
1985Mrs M. Henning2006Mrs P. Richards
1986Mrs L. Dominy2007Mrs A Richardson
1987Mrs M. Henning2008Miss Emily Munns
1988Miss L. Fletcher2009Mrs Jo Jo Buchanan
1989Miss L. Flesher2010Mrs Helen Marion
1990Mrs E. Butler2011Mrs Helen Marion
1991Mrs S. Flesher2012Mrs Nikki de Kretser
1992Mrs G. McMillan2013Mrs Lin Dominy