Daily Mail Foursomes (qualifier)

LGU Competition

Object:LGU competition where the winning pair may win through to take part in a regional qualifier.
Format: Medal, 1/2 combined handicap
First pair go through to take part in a further competition which is played during the following year
From 2014 the representatives are selected by the Ladies Committee
Trophy:No club trophy
1973N Wilson &
P Turner
1993A Elliott &
D Starkie
2013Sandra Lade &
Val Andrew
1974N Wilson &
P Turner
1994K Barter &
L Flesher
Start of Committee selection
1975N Wilson &
P Linnell
1995P Yeates &
D Gibson
2014Chris Cheesman &
Alison Russell
1976N Wilson &
P Linnell
1996I Phillips &
J Buchanan
2015Linda Fletcher &
Gill McMillan
1977N Wilson &
P Linnell
1997I Phillips &
J Buchanan
2016Chris Cheesman &
Judy Andrews
1978N Wilson &
J Young
1998I Phillips &
J Buchanan
2017Margaret Nobes &
Linda Eales
1979No entry1999Chris Cheesman &
Val Taylor
2018Linda Eales &
Anna Jacobs
1980J Johnston &
M MacKinlay
2000Alison Russell &
Carol Jones
2019Rachel Pelly &
Pippa Maclean
1981C Pinhorn &
S Harris
2001Sandra Cope &
Betty Verrico
2020Not played (Covid-19)
1982N Wilson &
G Pickett
2002Di Gibson &
Ellen O'Meara
2021Anna Jacobs & Frances McMahon
1983J Johnston &
M MacKinlay
2003Elizabeth Butler &
Dale Hinton
2022Jackie Kershaw &
Anne Luetchford
1984N Wilson &
G Pickett
2004Agnes Ellis &
Jan Collins
2023Jenny Readman & Jackie Kershaw
1985Mrs B Verrico &
Mrs S Cope
2005Sue Mundy &
Chris Cheesman
1986Mrs B Verrico &
Mrs S Cope
2006Chris Cheesman &
Dale Hinton
1987V Flint &
L Flesher
2007Chris Cheesman &
Dale Hinton
1988M MacKinlay &
N Butt
2008Mary Speed &
Irene Hind
1989I Phillips &
K Barter
2009Chris Cheesman &
Dale Hinton
1990J Haigh &
M Henning
2010Chris Cheesman &
Dale Hinton
1991J Buchanan &
A Elliott
2011Jo Buchanan &
Ivy Phillips
1992I Phillips &
L Fletcher
2012Sandra Lade &
Val Andrew