Coronation Foursomes (qualifier)

Foursomes Competition

Inagurated:Originally “The Famous Grouse” but changed in 1997 to Stuart Crystal Coronation Foursomes.
Object:LGU (later R&A) competition where the winning pair may win through to take part in a regional qualifier.
Format: Stableford – 1/2 combined handicap (Formerly a MEDAL – altered in 2005.)
Trophy:No club trophy
1994Chris Cheesman & Betty Verrico2014Lin Harvey & Jan Norman
1995Val Flint & Val Taylor2015Anna Jacobs & Anne Luetchford
1996Sandra Cope & Sandra Lade2016Linda Eales & Margaret Nobes
1997Jan Collins & Elizabeth Butcher2017Jackie Feltham & Thora Lomax
1998Elizabeth Borrow & Dale Hinton2018Kathryn Holladay & Rachel Pelly
1999Elizabeth Butcher & Eileen White2019Jan Norman & Gill Cooper
2000Chris Cheesman & Val Taylor2020No competition due to Covid
2001Margaret Collins & Pauline Bentote2021Carol Bucknole & Gill Cooper
2002Maggie Howard & Sandra Cope2022Tammy Andrews & Judy Andrews
2003Pam Cotton & Betty Verrico2023Maureen Martin & Val Andrew
2004Elizabeth Butler & Dale Hinton
2005Elizabeth Butler & Dale Hinton
2006Julie Martin & Gill Cooper
2007Yvonne Davies & Mary Speed
2008Liz Butler & Dale Hinton
2009Liz Butler & Dale Hinton
2010Liz Butler & Dale Hinton
2011Liz Borrow & Alison Russell
2012Chris Cheesman & Jo Buchanan
2013Sue Jarman & Julie Martin