Copper Bowl Trophy

Stableford Competition

Object:To encourage learners 30 – 45 Handicap only.
Initially no entrant to have been below 30 handicap at any time. It was opened in 2013 to any Cat. 5 & above players (handicaps 29 & above)
Donor:Mrs. Kay Smith
Trophy:Copper Bowl

Copper Bowl

19721993Mrs R. Elly2014Di Gibson
19731994Mrs V. Leggett2015Sue Chequer
1974Mrs M. Conning1995Mrs J. Eley2016Betty Verrico
1975Mrs M. Hurley1996Mrs M. Cutler2017Rosemary Taylor
1976Miss Y. Willett1997Mrs A. Tomsett2018Betty Verrico
1977Mrs J. Haigh1998Mrs M. Dowson2019Lin Harvey
1978Mrs N. Butt1999Mrs A. Hutt2020Rosemary Taylor
1979Mrs S. Wright2000Mrs Margaret Collins2021Julia Ward
1980Miss Y. Willett2001Mrs J. Moody2022Wendy Flynn
1981Mrs E. Jeffries2002Mrs T. Hill2023Maureen Martin
1982Mrs V. Andrew2003Miss H. Moore
1983Mrs B. Johnston2004Mrs S. Cledwyn
1984Mrs S. Searle2005Mrs T. Hill
1985Mrs S. Flesher2006Mrs M. Thorp
1986Mrs V. Lipscombe2007Mrs M. Thorp
1987Mrs C. Sidgwick2008Mrs L. Waterman
1988Mrs H. Keefe2009Ann Goldsmid
1989Miss Y. Willett2010Sue Chequer
1990Mrs W. Palmer2011Ann Goldsmid
1991Mrs H. Keefe2012Georgina Erskine
1992Mrs B. Ranscombe2013Sue Chequer