Away-day Trophy

Away-Day Ladies of Corhampton Competition

Format:Winner from the previous year to organise entire day including competition and prizes.
Object:Away-Day competition for the Ladies of Corhampton
Trophy:Silver Cup with two handles. Engraved ‘The CTC Cup’ (Corhampton Travelling Circus)

Away-day (CTC) cup

1987Chris Waterman2011Liz Butler & Ruth Moore & Ivy Phillips
1988Chris Waterman2012Lorna White & Lin Dominy & Val Andrew
1989Freda Wilson2013Paula Burton & Gill Ashworth & Alison Russell
1990Anne Corden2014Val Andrew & Lin Dominy & Gill McMillan
1991Betty Johnston2015Irene Hind & Denise Starkie & Gill Cooper
1992Babs Ranscombe2016Sue Jarman & Linda Eales & Julie Martin
1993Sue Flesher2017Gill Ashworth & Carol Jones & Jackie Kershaw
1994Valerie Taylor2018Kathryn Holladay & Rachel Pelly & Pippa Maclean
1995Rita Elly2019Denise Shaw, Jackie Richards & Jane Moody
1996Valerie Taylor2020Not played due to Covid
1997Pamela Bullock2021Anne Luetchford, Janet Armitage, Margo Glover
1998No competition2022Jenny Readman, Veronica Calvert & Sue Blundell
1999No competition2023Margo Glover, Tammy Rowe, Denise Starkie
2000Chris Cheesman
2001Kathryn Morton
2002Chris Hardwick
2003Carol Williams
2004Ann Curtis
2005Elizabeth Butler
2006Ruth Moore
2007Tricia Hill
2008Mary Mottram & Mary Speed
2009Linda Fletcher & Gill McMillan & Annabel Silk
2010Paula Richards & Lorna White & Sarah Smallwood