Club Cup (Club Champion)

36 Hole Scratch Medal Competition

Inaugurated:Inaugurated in 1970 as Club Championships.
Renamed to Men’s Championships from 2015
Format:2 x 18 hole medal rounds, played at a weekend.
Trophy:Silver Cup

Men’s Championship

1970M. Denham-Jones2000A. Clotworthy
1971E. R. J. Patch2001I. Butler
1972K. Sear2002A. Clotworthy
1973N. Sjoberg2003I. Taylor
1974M. Denham-Jones2004R. Davis
1975K. Sear2005N. Raymond
1976P. Reeves2006A. Clotworthy
1977D. Walder2007N. Raymond
1978P. Reeves 2008N. Raymond
1979C. J. Cavill2009Neil Raymond
1980W. E. Pinhorn2010Scott Gregory
1981M. Keeling2011Scott Gregory
1982T. Nicholas2012Adam Reid
1983M. Keeling2013Scott Gregory
1984T. Nicholas2014Adam Reid
1985M. Keeling2015Adam Reid
1986M. Keeling2016Adam Reid
1987S. Brown2017George Henderson
1988M. Keeling2018Justin Brassell
1989T. Wood2019Gary Edmunds
1990R. Tate2020Rory Flynn
1991M. Gatrall2021Liam Doye
1992M. Gatrall
1993M. Keeling
1994J. Manson
1995T. Markwick
1996T. Markwick
1997T. Markwick
1998T. Markwick
1999I. Butler

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