Cartoons – by Denny Carter (Page 3)

No.135 to No.192 Senior Moments History – Cartoonist Denny Carter

No.138 June 2017
No.139 July 2017
No.149 May 2018

Work has been going on at the Practise Ground recently and Brian Harvey had to ask Rex Carter
& Brian Denyer if he could disturb their practise for a while.
All was captured by our Senior Men’s cartoonist Denny Carter

No.150 June 2018

Our cartoonist Denny Carter has been an early riser this month to spot Geoff Staley, Colin Thompson & Trevor Tollervey starting their round of golf

No.152 August 2018

159 March 2019
159 March 2019
162 June 2019

Dave Massey was a member of a parachute regiment WW2 (airborne infantry regiment of the British Army)