Bill Starkie Trophy

Mixed Greensomes Stableford, drawn partners

Inaugurated :1998
Presented by :Miss Denise Starkie (following the death of her father)
1998D Bittles & Mrs E Butcher2019Peter Morgan & Jan Norman
1999J Flint & Mrs N Butt2020Peter Morgan & Pippa Maclean
2000H Cope & Mrs Mary Collins2021Alan Peters & Julia Ward
2001D Hunt & Mrs M Howard
2002M Jarman & Miss D Starkie
2003D Goodlake & Mrs S Bittles
2004H Dowson & Mrs K Morton
2005Peter Cotton & Miss D Starkie
2006W Cannon & Mrs M Mottram
2007M Rogers & Mrs E Butcher
2008Ann Goldsmid & D Western
2009Tricia Hill & Keith Capel-Edwards
2010Tricia Hill & Roger Morfill
2011Greta Thornton & Keith Capel-Edwards
2012Anne Luetchford & Bob Johnston
2013Sue Jarman & Kevin Richards
2014Mike Jarman & Tricia Hill
2015Kathryn Holladay & Jonathan Sutton
2016Di Tyler & Ossian Tate
2017Jan Norman & Nick Creal
2018Sue Bingham & Ossian Tate

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