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No. 193 to current Senior Moments History – Cartoonist Denny Carter

No.193 – January 2022

No. 194 – February 2022

No. 195 – March 2022

No. 196 – April 2022

Senior Moments Obituary
Message from Vic Ettie who has lost a Chicken!

“RIP Gloria – Past Captain Vic is sad to announce the passing of his elderly chicken Gloria – she passed away peacefully on Sunday 20th March having given many years good service. She was a fine bird and will be greatly missed. Scrambled eggs will not taste quite as good without her contribution”.

            Denny Carter has respectfully recorded the event.

Sympathy cards have been dropping through the Editors letter box from several saddened Senior Men’s Members since Gloria’s passing

No.197 – May 2022

Our cartoonist Denny Carter heard on the grapevine that Riley Curtis had a bit of luck on the Grand National this year due to him remembering his golf trips to Somerset with Jim Yeates
Well done Riley!

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No.205 January 2023

Appleby Railway Station, Cumbria

You may be unaware that one of our Senior Men’s Section Members owns his own railway station! He is not often seen at our Wednesday roll ups as he is on train driver duties.

During one of his train spotting trips out and about our cartoonist, Denny Carter, has spotted him driving a train.

If you are in the Cumbria area Geoff Appleby will be only too pleased to give you a 1st class lift to Corhampton Railway Station.

No. 206 February 2023

Captain Stuart Goode sent a photo to the Editor last month of Roger Holmes enjoying his Scooby in the clubhouse after his game.  

The editor contacted Denny Carter who rushed up to the course and recorded the event for us with a guest joining Roger.

No. 207 March 2023

Some of our Senior Men’s Members may be unaware that this year is a first in our       Section’s history. 

2023 is the first year that we have as our Captain the son of a previous Captain from 1998 when Ray Goode was our Seniors Captain and this year we have Stuart Goode, his son, as our Captain. (When he was younger Ray took part in power boat racing.)

This historical regeneration in our Section has been captured by our cartoonist Denny Carter (Dr Who Style)

No.208 April 2023

Vic Ettie has been filling in the time whilst his knee operation is repairing by spending time to look after his allotment.
Denny Carter has been close on hand to record the event.

No.209 May 2023

Jeff Evans recently sent a cartoon to the Editor with a note that he had arranged practise putting in Corhampton Lane outside the clubhouse prior to playing the Bates Final against Rod Powell.

Our cartoonist Denny Carter heard about this and went to the Club before the match to record the event.

No.210 June 2023

The Senior Men’s Section recently played their Wednesday “Roll Up” as a WALTZ. Ken Gatrall and his team of Larry Hudson and Geoff Staley played together dancing along in the spirit of the competition and Denny Carter was on hand to record the day.